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Decorative Graphic

Some of the special training facilities you’ll find at The Geelong City Campus include:

Art and design studios

A range of specialist design spaces equipped with the latest equipment for digital media, graphic design, and visual arts. You’ll also find photographic dark rooms, screen printing equipment and a light filled mezzanine drawing/painting room

Nursing lab

A simulated hospital room environment complete with beds, ‘patients’, and all the equipment you’d expect to find in a real hospital.

The Gordon Culinary School

Our Culinary School is currently being upgraded into a state-of-the-art culinary epicentre. The $30.9 million redevelopment will be  completed in 2022. Have a peek at the new development here

The Gordon Gallery

Located in the Bostock Memorial Building – one of The Gordon’s oldest buildings on the corner of Fenwick St and Gordon Avenue. The Gordon Gallery hosts a range of student exhibitions and events throughout the year, as well as public programs, events and touring exhibitions. Find out more.


City Campus Library is study heaven! Our library space has interactive digital screens that you can Mirror Cast from your phone, or attach to your laptop via a HDMI cable (available from the Library desk) to make group study sessions interactive. We have some awesome booths and pods for group study space that you can use anytime. A DVD player, Easy Reading and fiction collection is available for relaxation as well as daily newspapers to read on your coffee break.

Training venues

We have two training venues that are open to the public; The Studio and the Davidson Restaurant. They provide real work experiences for our students and a great service for our community.