I’ve got my ATAR and need new options

You’ve received your ATAR score. Are you sighing or high-fiving? Your emotions will be high or low, depending on those few digits.
Maybe you’re relieved, or celebrating? You’ve achieved what you hoped for, and the future is bright! But if that number was not quite as high as you’d have liked, what now?
The well-meant words of your loved ones might sound hollow. Yes, it’s just a number and it doesn’t define you. But it can deflate you. At least for a little while. 

But you know what? You did it. 

You completed your secondary education. I bet there were times you felt like it was just too hard and you wanted to give it all up. But you didn’t. You saw it through and now the next phase of your life is waiting for you!
So when you’re ready, I want you to take a few deep breaths.

Maybe the path ahead now looks different to what you imagined? But it could actually work out better than you thought, and lead you somewhere completely new? Who knows! That’s the great thing about this rollercoaster of life, you just don’t know what opportunity is around the corner. 

Let’s talk, and we’ll work this out together.

If you’re looking for new study options or pathways, there are lots of choices.
Have you considered a TAFE course? I know, I know, everyone talks about going to uni. Don’t get me wrong, uni is great and can lead to some fantastic careers. But it’s not the be-all and end-all of further study.
TAFE is no longer considered a second option. It can actually get you into a job faster, along with real skills and experience to hit the ground running (and start earning an income!).
Employers also really value TAFE training, and prefer to hire people with some real industry skills and knowledge under their belt. So there’s some food for thought… 

TAFE also creates pathways to university

Did you know that many people now prefer to start at TAFE before uni? There are heaps of benefits:

  • Get better prepared for the uni study style.
  • Start learning real industry skills before uni.
  • Gain two qualifications instead of one.
  • Start working in your career field (after TAFE) while completing uni.
  • Reduce your total study time at uni, with credit for your TAFE studies.
  • Save money.
  • Boost your future employment and career prospects.

The Gordon TAFE has partnerships with a number of leading universities including Deakin that can provide credit transfer and guaranteed entry into a range of degree programs.
Our graduates tell us that when they start uni, they are already streets ahead with their industry skills and knowledge too.

So where to from here?

Time to get some advice. You might contact your career teacher at school to find out about your options? 
You can also contact The Gordon to discuss courses and pathways.

Feel free to call 1300 974 523 or email any enquiries and we will do our best to assist. We also offer career counselling to new and current students.
Or visit us at Deakin University or our Werribee Learning Centre during Change of Preference week.
Good luck, the future awaits! 

Posted: 12/12/2016 2:42:30 PM



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