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There was once a guy from Geelong called Charles Pratt. He had a brother Percy. Together, they built two DH.6 aeroplanes at The Gordon TAFE between 1921 and 1922, assisted by joinery students.
Why is this relevant - you may ask? Fast forward 95 years, and we’re still providing real experience and unique opportunities to our students. It’s what gives TAFE courses the edge, and why Gordon students get better job outcomes from TAFE, compared to the state and national average*.
Imagine those woodworking students going home at the end of the day and recounting their experience! Not to mention how good that would look on their resume – that kind of industry experience is invaluable.
More than a piece of paper
If you’re going to spend time and money studying, you not only want to be interested in it, but you want to get a job out of it – correct?
Not only are TAFE teachers passionate about their industry, they also have lots of connections and include work placements and industry projects as part of the course content. Many of our students also get offered jobs as a direct result of their placements, or at the very least, have experience to show on their resume.
Tick – real skills.
Tick – real experience.
Tick – real outcomes. 
TAFE grads earn more
We’re not making this up! A new report released by the Skilling Australia Foundation shows that the median full-time income for a VET graduate is $56,000 vs $54,000 for a someone with a bachelor degree.
And nine of the top 10 occupations predicted to have the most jobs growth are actually in vocational training areas. That’s what you learn at TAFE my friends!
You can read more about that research here.
Want to know more about Charles Pratt?
Aviation historian and writer Kevin O’Really has recently released a new biography Charles Pratt of Belmont Common: a life in the air – tracing Charles’ life as a pioneer aviator and aerial photographer who was based in Geelong between the two great wars of the twentieth century.
Known as an unsung pioneer of Australian aviation, the book documents his life and his work building, assembling and repairing aircraft at The Gordon TAFE.
Pratt carried a camera with him throughout his life and today, hundreds of his images are held in the State Library Victoria for posterity. Many of Pratt’s photos appear in the book.
“Kevin O’Reilly’s meticulous research into Charles’ life and his band of flying brothers give a detailed account of what flying was like in the early days of aviation in Australia. Charles was a true pioneer aviator, an unsung hero and now remembered in history via ‘Charles Pratt of Belmont Common’
- Neil Follett, Editor of Aviation Heritage, Journal of the Aviation Historical Society of Australia.
For more information about the book Charles Pratt of Belmont Common, go to http://www.flyersoftime.com/
This blog post is based on a Media Release ‘Charles Pratt of Belmont Common – Book Launch’ dated 17 March 2017.
Photo: Percy Pratt rebuilding two DH.6 machines with students at The Gordon Institute 1921. Pratt Collection - SLV
*Source: 2016 NCVER student outcomes survey.

Posted: 13/06/2017 9:05:31 AM



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