The numbers are in – TAFE grads earn more

As a TAFE, we’ve been banging on about our fantastic outcomes for ages. Where real skills and experience create proven pathways to employment and university.
We also know that as a general rule, a university degree doesn’t always equate to a higher salary. Now there’s new research that backs this up.
A new report released by the Skilling Australia Foundation indicates that nearly half of Australians think Vocational Education and Training (VET) is no longer as relevant as university.
But (and it’s a BIG BUT), the latest figures challenge this perception with nine of the top 10 occupations predicted to have the most jobs growth are actually in vocational training areas.
The research also indicates:

  • the median full-time income for a VET graduate is $56,000 vs $54,000 for someone with a bachelor degree;

  • almost eight in 10 VET graduates have a job soon after training, compared to approximately seven in 10 university graduates; and

  • more than nine in 10 trade apprentices have jobs after finishing training. 

Think about growing sectors such as healthcare, biotech, cyber security, tourism, and hospitality. You don’t need a university degree to enter these sectors, but what you will get at TAFE is lots of hands-on practical industry experience that improves your job prospects and prepares you for your career.

Time to re-look at our perceptions wouldn’t you say?

The report found that four in five parents would prefer their children to go to university after school, rather than pursue vocational education. It also points out the government expects more than one-fifth of HELP loans to university students will never be repaid because graduates don’t earn enough.
Now don’t get us wrong, we are still big advocates of university. In fact, many Gordon TAFE diplomas and advanced diplomas now create pathways to university. We have partnerships with a number of leading universities, particularly Deakin that can provide guaranteed entry and credit into a range of degree programs.

But it’s time to take university off its grandiose pedestal and even the keel a little.

So taking out the salary factor, why else might you choose a TAFE course? Let us spell it out.

  • We focus on practical training – less theory, more experience.

  • Our teachers are industry-trained and practicing professionals, up-to-date with the latest industry standards.

  • Work placements and projects give you the experience you need to prepare for the workforce.

  • Small class sizes mean lots of support and contact time with teachers.

  • You can gain credits and guaranteed pathways into a range of university degrees.

  • We have a high graduate employment rate and strong industry connections.

  • Our student satisfaction and employment outcomes remain above state and national benchmarks.

If authenticity is your angle, then you should know that the research was commissioned by Skilling Australia Foundation and compiled by McCrindle Research, comparing a range of statistics from official government sources such as the National Centre for Vocational Education Research, Graduate Careers Australia, and the government’s MySkills
Want to read up on it more? You’ll find the full report here.

Posted: 23/05/2017 3:58:31 PM



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