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Duende Exhibition showcases the talents of our visual arts students

An emotive body of works from The Gordon’s aspiring artists are now on display aCeleste Gravitt, student artwork, Scopophobia, Duende Exhibitiont the TAFEs annual visual arts exhibition.

Duende, the mysterious power of art to deeply move a person, is a virtual gallery of works from The Gordon’s Certificate IV in Visual Arts students. Featuring a collection of drawings, prints, 2D design and colour projects, sculpture and paintings, the show represents works completed in visual arts studio’s both on-campus and at home.

Gordon visual arts student Celeste Gravitt has explored different mediums to create her artworks, “My inspiration for my artwork is the exploration of the themes of both femininity and mythology and fantasy.”

Offering some of her pieces for sale in the exhibition Ms Gravitt said, “What excites me most about displaying my works is that I finally get the opportunity to show others my work that I am proud and passionate about.”

Russian born fellow student Daria McKenzie’s artwork is influenced by the experience of living through the lockdowns, severe homesickness, unearthing the strength to battle through while reflecting on pivotal life events and finding hope, “Being able to express myself through art has been really liberating. I've grown to be more vulnerable with my art, sharing personal feelings and emotions through paintings as well as allowing them for interpretation.”

Daria McKenzie, student artwork, The Roots, Duende ExhibitionCarlo de Bono, visual arts teacher at The Gordon said, “Graduating students get the opportunity to exhibit their works in a group exhibition as part of their course assessment. This involves researching how established artists market their works to the public, the protocols of observing Intellectual Property requirements and how to prepare works for exhibition.

“Learning how to collaborate on a shared project while curating their individual works is an invaluable experience as students graduate and set off on their individual
careers in the arts”, continued Mr de Bono.

Visit the Duende virtual exhibition here.

The pricelist for artworks that are for sale, visit here.