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VCE0000001 Victorian Certificate Education - Vocational Major


Next intake February 2024
LocationsEast Geelong Campus
DurationFull-time: 2 years

Course description

The VCE Vocational Major (VM) is a vocational and applied learning VCE program completed over a minimum of two years. The VCE VM gives students greater choice and flexibility to pursue their interests and develop their skills and capabilities to succeed in further education, work and life. It also prepares students to move into apprenticeships, traineeships, further education and training, university (via non-ATAR pathways) or directly into the workforce.

In a rapidly changing world, the VCE VM:

  • Equips students with the skills, knowledge, values and capabilities to be active and informed citizens, lifelong learners and confident and creative individuals; and
  • Empowers students to make informed decisions about the next stages of their lives through real-life workplace experiences.


Possible career outcomes

Satisfactory completion of these units contributes to an accredited VCE certificate and leads you to a career in your chosen industry. Upon satisfactory completion of the VCE VM, students receive recognition through the appellation of ‘Vocational Major’ on their Victorian Certificate of Education and a Statement of Results.

Applications & attendance

How to apply

  1. Follow our instructions for how to apply for a course.
  2. Apply online by selecting an intake from the Applications & attendance table below.

If you need help, visit Customer Service or request application support via email.
Submission of an application does not guarantee a place in the course.

2024 February
East Geelong Campus 
Open: 1 Aug 2023
Close: 1 Feb 2024 
Class DayStart: 30 Jan 2024
Monday to Friday: 9.00am - 3.30pm
Full-time: 2 years  Apply  


Students may need to complete some self-paced learning and assessment activities outside class time. This will be different for each course and will depend on a student’s level of skill and experience.

Class days and times in the above table are indicative. Prior to course commencement, changes may be necessary. Follow the link for more information on Attendance mode definitions. When you submit your application, please make sure you answer all the questions. Only successful applicants with complete applications will receive an offer. We issue offers as soon as possible. Follow the link for more information on Offer timing.

Many courses have limited places and high demand. We may close an intake before the date above. We recommend you apply early. If student numbers are insufficient we may cancel an intake or a course.

  • Applicants must be 16 years and over at the time of course commencement.
  • Any student under the age of 17 must provide an Exemption from School form prior to undertaking the course.

  • Applicants for Year 11 must have completed Year 10 or equivalent.      
  • Applicants for Year 12 must have completed 8 Units from Year 11 VCE or VM.
  • Youth aged 15-16 who under the Education and Training Reform Act must still be engaged in full time education or combined education and employment of at least 24 hours per week and do not want to (or cannot) continue their education in mainstream secondary schools will need to get approval from the Department of Education by completing the relevant Exemption from School form.
  • You must reside in Victoria to access Victorian Government Subsidised Fees and any incentive such as Free TAFE. Full fees apply to all non-Victorian residents.

Pre-training review

Each student must complete a pre-training review as part of their application. The outcome of your pre-training review assists our teachers and trainers to better understand your capabilities prior to training and enables you to be matched to the right program. Your literacy and numeracy skills will be evaluated and you may be required to undertake a separate assessment. Follow this link for more information about literacy and numeracy skills .

In order to prepare for your LLN, you may wish to attempt some practise tests in which you will find similar questions (with solutions too). These practice tests are not VSL approved but may be similar in question type and level of difficulty to what may be asked in the VSL approved LLN. Click here for practice tests. Please note, the VSL approved LLN cannot be resat within 3 months of undertaking it.

Personal Learning Requirements

There are personal learning requirements for each qualification at The Gordon. These are essential personal capabilities and skills required to successfully complete the course and be ready to work in the industry.

Please review the requirements here and consider any challenges you may have in meeting them. When applying for your course, please let us know what support you may need.

Selection mode

Core Year 11 Code Hours
Personal Development Skills Unit 1 PD031 100
Personal Development Skills Unit 2 PD032 100
VCE VM Literacy 1 LT031 100
VCE VM Literacy 2 LT032 100
VCE VM Numeracy Skills 1 NM031 100
VCE VM Numeracy Skills 2 NM032 100
Work Related Skills Unit 1 WR031 100
Work Related Skills Unit 2 WR032 100
Core Year 12 Code Hours
Personal Development Skills Unit 3 PD033 100
Personal Development Skills Unit 4 PD034 100
VCE VM Literacy 3 LT033 100
VCE VM Literacy 4 LT034 100
VCE VM Numeracy Skills 3 NM033 100
VCE VM Numeracy Skills 4 NM034 100
Work Related Skills Unit 3 WR033 100
Work Related Skills Unit 4 WR034 100
Elective Year 11 Code Hours
Design And Technology 1 DT011 100
Health And Human Development 1 HH011 100
Health And Human Development 2 HH022 100
Outdoor And Environmental Studies 1 OS011 100
Outdoor And Environmental Studies 2 OS022 100
Product Design and Technology 2 DT022 100
Systems Engineering 1 SE011 100
Systems Engineering 2 SE022 100
Visual Communication Design 1 VC011 100
Visual Communication Design 2 VC022 100
Elective Year 12 Code Hours
Health And Human Development 3 HH033 100
Health And Human Development 4 HH034 100
Outdoor And Environmental Studies 3 OS033 100
Outdoor And Environmental Studies 4 OS034 100
Product Design and Technology Unit 3 DT033 100
Product Design and Technology Unit 4 DT034 100
Systems Engineering Unit 3 SE033 100
Systems Engineering Unit 4 SE034 100
Visual Communication Design Unit 3 VC033 100
Visual Communication Design Unit 4 VC034 100


Please note that the listed electives are delivered by The Gordon but you may not need to complete all of these units to successfully complete this qualification. If you have previously completed any of the units of competency relevant to this course, you may be eligible for Credit Transfer (CT). Any previous relevant experience may qualify you for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Find out more about CT or RPL here.

Assessment is based on:

  • Hands-on work
  • Workplace tasks
  • Written assignments
  • Team projects
  • Oral presentations and problem-solving

This course is eligible for Free TAFE!

Eligible Victorian students who elect to use their one Free TAFE opportunity will not incur any tuition fees. Material and resources fees still apply. Follow the link for further information and to check the eligibility criteria.

FeesRateUnitIndicative Course HoursIndicative Tuition Payable by StudentMax. Indicative Government Subsidy Total
Concession Tuition AUD $0.46 per hour 2000 AUD $920.00 AUD $16,000.00
Standard Tuition AUD $2.28 per hour 2000 AUD $4,560.00 AUD $16,000.00
Full Fee Tuition AUD $10.30 per hour 2000 AUD $20,600.00

Add the costs below to your relevant tuition fee

Materials AUD $780.00 Once
Excursion Fee AUD $600.00 Once
Resources AUD $350.00
Education Levy AUD $300.00


All fees and charges are correct at time of publication but may change without notice. The student tuition fees are indicative only. Additional fees may apply. Where GST is applicable to any courses or materials, the fee displayed is inclusive of the GST.

Which fee will I pay?

Your fees will be charged according to your eligibility for government funding. For more information, visit our Fees & Payments pages.

Fee help and student loans

VET Student Loans are available for eligible students for tuition fees ONLY.
The current years maximum VET Student Loan Course Cap is $

Payment plans may be available for eligible students who need assistance to manage their fee payments.

Many Gordon courses offer pathways to higher qualifications within The Gordon and in some cases, to university degrees. Your Gordon course may provide credit points which could reduce further study time. Follow the link to find more information about pathways, or contact Customer Service.

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