What are Personal Learning Requirements?

There are personal learning requirements for each qualification at The Gordon, which list the essential capabilities, knowledge and skills required to be able to successfully complete the course and be ready to work in the industry.  All students should review the Personal Learning Requirements for their course before commencing study.

The Gordon is committed to making reasonable adjustments to teaching and learning to enable students with a disability or chronic health condition to participate in their course, as long as the adjustments do not change the nature of the requirement.  If you feel you may have a challenge meeting a personal learning requirement, please contact us to discuss your situation before commencing your course.

The personal learning requirements are broken into five groups of skills as follows:

Skills Group

Definition / Examples

Communication Skills This refers to both verbal and non-verbal communication and includes skills such as active listening, communicating with a range of people, clear writing skills, or working in teams.
Physical Skills A summary of the required physical skills (gross motor skills use large muscle groups to perform tasks like walking, bending, squatting, carrying, while fine motor skills use smaller muscle groups and include more precise activities such as writing, blinking, typing).  This also includes an ability to use certain tools, and if you’re likely to be on your feet for extended periods of time.
Technical Skills This refers to the use of different types of equipment and technology, e.g. use of computers, and specific equipment required in that course and subsequent job role.
Cognitive Skills This is about the ability to source, understand and apply relevant and appropriate information and resources. Examples could be reading and interpreting work instructions, or accurately recording information. A number of courses have some mathematical skills requirements which are contained in this section.
Behavioural and Social Skills This describes the skills required to be able to effectively work in the classroom or on work placement, for example working in stressful or emotionally difficult situations, tolerance and patience with people from different cultures or backgrounds, interaction with all genders,  and being punctual.
Work Placement Requirements Skills required during work placement or work experience that may otherwise not have been demonstrated during learning and assessment at The Gordon.

There is also an Industry Legislation or Licencing section which lists any requirements for professional memberships or Working with children check / Police check.

Where can I see the Personal Learning Requirements for my course?

There is a document for each course, you can go to the list of courses here (or if you are a VET Delivered to Secondary Student - VETDSS - click here).  Find your course, and read the Personal Learning Requirements under the Entrance Requirements section.

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