Are you looking to enter the financial services field, register with the Tax Practitioners Board or even create a pathway to university? An accounting course or bookkeeping course will give you the practical skills, knowledge and qualifications required for each of these outcomes.

Our three accounting courses form an 18-month full-time program, which is structured with exit points at various levels, depending on your study and career goals. Through this, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge for a career in taxation, financial management, modelling, auditing, and insurance industries.

Prior to forming the pathways to Deakin University and the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA), we also prepare you with significant industry and study skills prior to university.

Career Outcomes

Salary range

Accounts clerk $38,420 - $58,788
Bookkeeper $41,601 - $74,733
Assistant accountant $40,530 - $67,403
Tax accountant $40,852 - $80,746
Finance officer $44,544 - $94,442
Accountant* $40,857 - $83,707

Source: Criteria based on Australian occupations AUD. Updated 21 May 2018.
*Career outcome following pathway from The Gordon to university.
Note: salaries are a guide only, and are dependent on a range of factors including your experience, employer, and location.

Accredited Courses
Pathways to University
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Profiles and Testimonials

Jenny Luong Advanced Diploma of Accounting"I've wanted to become an accountant since high school, but started studying a different degree before deciding to pursue this dream. I choose to study at The Gordon because I wanted to learn the basics of accounting first, so I knew what to expect when I applied for university. 

Not only does The Gordon teach you the theory side of the industry but more importantly, the practical side. I loved how the teachers and students interacted - it was a great learning experience for me. When I finished, I pursued further work experience by doing free tax returns in the community.

I am currently working in an accounting firm to gain further industry experience while completing my Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting at Deakin University. My goal is to become a Certified Practicing Accountant.”

Jenny Luong
Advanced Diploma of Accounting

Beth Holt  Advanced Diploma of Accounting“I originally started at The Gordon to obtain my BAS agent registration but enjoyed studying so much that I’m still going. I feel there is a growing demand for accountants both in Geelong and Melbourne and I want to be part of this in the years ahead.

I really enjoyed the hands-on style of learning tafe accounting and the teachers at The Gordon were brilliant. We had great ratios and they really ensured we understood all the concepts in our classes. Their industry knowledge really gave our learning an extra edge. 

When I finished at The Gordon, I looked at a lot of pathway courses and Deakin had a really broad scope in their Bachelor of Commerce. I received 12 credits which wiped off half my course. The structure of studying at The Gordon was easy to replicate at university and the teachers prepared us for the difference,
making the transition really smooth.”

Beth Holt 
Advanced Diploma of Accounting

Industry and Corporate Training

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