The Geelong Tech School is helping to build the skills needed in future workforces including thinking critically, communicating clearly, working collaboratively and embracing technology. 

Learning centres on industry-led projects in a high-tech environment. Innovative educational programs have been developed collaboratively by industry partners and teachers while being supported by experts in their fields. Technology includes virtual reality, computer applications, 3-D printers and laser cutting machines.

'To inspire and empower students in the Geelong region
‚Äč to be critical and creative in shaping their futures.’

Students from 27 participating schools in Geelong and surrounding areas have access to the Tech School throughout the year for specialised programs linked to local industries. This allows students to develop and apply their skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to real situations.
Through professional development programs teachers are supported and are an integral part of the program delivery; fostering applied learning through inquiry, design thinking and co-operation in order to extend students learning.    
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