Fardokht's story about beauty

Image of Fardokht Labaschi"I love beauty. It is my passion.”

Fardokht Labaschi, Diploma of Beauty Therapy

Fardokht Lebaschi travelled from Iran to Australia two years ago and commenced a Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy at The Gordon, before completing a Diploma of Beauty Therapy. 

“At The Gordon I learned how to perform a wide range of beauty therapy treatments and services such as facial treatments, hair removal, lash and brow treatments, nail and make-up services, and body massage and treatments.”

The two-year diploma course offered many opportunities to undertake practical assessments on clients under the supervision of experienced trainers.

“I studied at The Gordon in a very professional and friendly environment. My course included theoretical and practical units, allowing me to gain extensive experience under the supervision of my trainers, who were always very energetic, patient and helpful.

Now I am able to work with a wide range of professional equipment and have learned a lot about body systems, skin structure and tissue, bones, muscles and skin-care products.”

Through her studies at The Gordon, Fardokht was able to improve her English skills and also learned how to communicate with clients and provide home-care and aftercare advice. 

“I may not be able to speak English without flaws, but I can communicate well with clients, understand their needs and meet them.”

As an international student new to Australia, this course also gave Fardokht the chance to meet a lot of people, learn about different cultures and make new friends.

“My biggest challenge was English. My life and education in Australia started at the same time, so with a new country, language, culture, job, course and a new life, I had a lot to learn! When I had to meet a client for the first time, I was afraid they would not be able to understand my accent. Through my own efforts and with the help of my trainers and friends, I overcame these challenges.”

Through her studies, Fardokht has been able to expand her career opportunities in beauty therapy, an area she is very passionate about.

“Being able to perform a wide range of beauty therapy services, I won’t be limited to just one area. I can have my own business, enhance my creative skills, become a consultant, help people feel good about themselves, and have my own beauty line.”

Fardokht’s passion for learning and beauty therapy has always seen her set a positive example for her peers. Not surprisingly she has enjoyed several successes throughout her time at The Gordon, including winning the International Excellence Award at the Gordon Awards for Excellence, receiving multiple nominations in the Shining Stars awards, and participating in The Gordon’s beauty department Empowerment Program.