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This year, WorldSkills regional competitions will happen all over Australia to champion excellence in vocational, technological and service-oriented careers.  

The competitions provide an amazing opportunity for students to develop their skills, foster life-long partnerships and build industry networks.

WorldSkills also provides a unique opportunity for students to represent their region, state and ultimately their country, through their chosen profession.

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WorldSkills winners


“WorldSkills definitely helped me to gain more confidence within the industry. It showed me that I am a lot more capable than I thought, allowing me to challenge and extend my creativity while also refining my technical skills.”

Cailen McLean, 2022 Floristry WorldSkills Winner 


Shee Kee La Po Ywet is completing her Certificate II in Kitchen Operations at Heathdale Christian College as part of the VETDSS program. 

Shee Kee La Po Ywet, 2022 VETDSS Commercial Cookery WorldSkills Winner 


“I really enjoyed WorldSkills it was such a fun experience. I learned many new hospitality and everyday life skills that I can use wherever my career takes me. Competing alongside the students from my class was great; we were all nervous, but everyone relaxed and got on with it. My biggest challenge on the day was coffee making, but I was most proud of my overall customer service. I hope to continue to work in hospitality to support myself through university, where I aim to study teaching. ”

Nell Trotter, 2022 VETDSS Food & Beverage WorldSkills Winner 

WorldSkills Regional

Our WorldSkills regional competitions kicked off at Open Day on Sunday 7 August with Floristry, VETDSS Cookery and VETDSS Food & Beverage competitions all being completed. More competitions will be held over the coming months. 


WorldSkills competitors and galleries

VETDSS Commercial Cookery  
VETDSS Food & Beverage