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Want to Show Off Your Skills and travel the world? WorldSkills competitions at The Gordon are your chance to:

  • Level up your skills! Learn from the best and get real-world experience in your chosen trade.
  • Meet new people! Make lifelong friends and connect with industry experts from all over Australia.
  • Represent your team and country! Start at the local level and work your way up to compete in national and even international competitions!

Think of it like the Olympics, but for skills!  You could be competing in front of a huge crowd of 200,000 people. WorldSkills covers a huge range of trades and skills, from cooking to carpentry, hairdressing to plumbing. Ready to get started? Talk to your teachers about getting involved in WorldSkills at The Gordon! 


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WorldSkills Regional 2022 hosted in Geelong. WorldSkills National 2023 hosted in Melbourne. WorldSkills International 2024 hosted in France.