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Future proof your career

Image representing future proofing your career

As the world changes, so will our careers.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way many of us are thinking about our future and our career.
Whilst securing a dream job is still ideal, the importance of job security is on the rise. 

55% of youth are open to changing their plans if it means
optimising career stability and future financial security.

So how do you future proof your career?

There are two strategies that can help future proof your career:

  1. Increasing your skills and building expertise in the industry you are in, to ensure you stay relevant and more qualified than your competition.
  2. Gaining a qualification for an industry that is growing in size, already a large employer or experiencing a skill shortage. 

The Australian Government (Department of Jobs and Small Business**) has highlighted the following as top employing industries: 

If you’d like to find out which qualifications align to these industries, The Gordon has qualified career counsellors ready to help.

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**Australian Jobs 2019