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The Gordon Awards for Excellence Winners

The Gordon Awards for Excellence were held on Wednesday, March 27, 2024, at the President’s Room, GMHBA Stadium.

Join us in congratulating the winners who demonstrated exceptional commitment to training and excellence throughout 2023.

We would like to express our thanks to the Sponsors that share our commitment to fostering excellence in education and the hard work and dedication displayed by all our outstanding students.


Apprentice of the Year Excellence Award


Kyanne Dunlop

Certificate III In Painting and Decorating


Kyanne came to The Gordon after spending many years as a chef. She decided to trade her knives in for a paint brush and test herself in a new and exciting industry. She has the skills and determination to make a real impact in the industry. In just three years as an apprentice painter, she has developed an impressive array of skills, enabling her to offer advice to seasoned supervisors on site. Her outstanding abilities and contributions set her apart in the industry. Further to being an excellent Ambassador for The Gordon, Kyanne is an outstanding role model for other women and girls who aspire to undertake an apprenticeship.

Student of the Year Excellence Award


Charlotte Brunt

Certificate III in School Based Education Support


Charlotte’s dedication to academic excellence is showcased by her outstanding performance and attendance. Her enthusiasm for learning is contagious, inspiring and motivating. Her proactive initiative and commitment to excellence shine through in every aspect of her student journey. She actively engages in class discussions and collaborative activities, fostering a vibrant learning environment. Her diligence and attention to detail shine through in her assessments, where she consistently delivers high-quality work. Charlotte embodies excellence in every aspect of her educational journey and extends her positive impact beyond the classroom.


CEO Award



Trey McAuley

Certificate III in Carpentry

Trey McAuley has demonstrated outstanding leadership, dedication, and vision throughout his Certificate III Carpentry course, qualifying his receipt of The Gordon’s rare and distinctive CEO Award. Trey has excelled on the national stage, recently placing at the National WorldSkills championship. His exceptional skills earned him a spot on the Skillaroos training squad and a selection to represent Australia at the International WorldSkills championship in Lyon, France.

In his personal life, Trey is a volunteer firefighter, and a coordinator of the junior program at his local station. Not only does he answer the call when there is an emergency, he is developing the next generation of volunteers and fostering a sense of community pride amongst the youth of the station. Trey epitomises what it means to be a Gordon student and member of our community.


Aboriginal Excellence Award



Kyara McFayden

VCE – Victorian Certificate of Education


Kyara has displayed excellence in attendance, meeting deadlines and completing work to a high standard throughout her VCE studies at The Gordon. Alongside her Year 12 studies, Kyara has worked part-time in a child care centre, demonstrating the ability to juggle tasks and manage competing demands. At the child care centre, Kyara has created opportunities to share her Aboriginal culture with the children, staff and families. For NAIDOC week and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day, Kyara organised activities to celebrate Aboriginal culture and educate others. This involved planning with her Nan and family members, and organising activities such as painting, damper making and storytelling. Kyara has applied to study Early Childhood Education at Deakin in 2024 through the Nikeri Institute.



Art & Design Excellence Award

Bridie Conway

Certificate III in Floristry


Bridie's talents extend beyond her floral skills; she exemplifies kindness, generosity, and maturity in her interactions with classmates. As a leader, Bridie's peers respect her opinion and seek her guidance. Her exceptional time management and organisational skills throughout The Gordon’s Certificate III in Floristry, coupled with her high standard of work, make her a standout student and recipient of this award. Bridie's victory at the 2023 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show underscores her excellence.


Automotive and Engineering Apprentice Excellence Award

Amy Butterworth

Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade


Amy has demonstrated exceptional dedication and focus, completing her trade subjects throughout her Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade to a high standard and at an accelerated pace. Not only is she excelling in her apprenticeship, but she's also on track to finish her Diploma of Engineering. Amy's initiative, quick learning, and leadership set her apart as a truly remarkable apprentice.

Building & Construction Excellence Award

Kyanne Dunlop

Certificate III in Painting and Decorating


Kyanne is a remarkable apprentice in The Gordon’s Certificate III in Painting and Decorating program. Her dedication, talent, and commitment are exemplary, making her a standout recipient of this esteemed award. Kyanne's passion and exceptional progress are evident in every project she undertakes. Her thirst for knowledge and tireless work ethic set her apart, while her leadership and willingness to support her peers showcase her as a future leader in the field of painting and decorating.


Business and Technology Excellence Award

Angelique Moodie

Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping


Angelique is a dedicated part-time student in The Gordon’s Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping program and demonstrates exceptional commitment to her studies while concurrently managing her small business. With strong interpersonal skills, she is collaborative and actively engages in class discussions. Despite not yet completing the course, Angelique has secured a position as a junior accountant, leveraging her acquired skills. Her bright personality and ambition to continue her accounting studies indicate a promising future in this field.

Community Services Excellence Award

Charlotte Brunt

Certificate III in School Based Education Support


Charlotte's dedication to her studies throughout The Gordon’s Certificate III in School Based Education Support program, along with her outstanding performance during work placement, has truly set her apart. Her exceptional attendance, contagious enthusiasm for learning, active participation in discussions and high-quality work demonstrate her unwavering commitment to excellence. Charlotte's initiative in creating the "Grow and Glow" program showcases her remarkable dedication to empowering young women. The "Grow and Glow" program specifically targets 13 to 17-year-old females, offering them a dedicated and secure space for sharing, engagement, and mutual support in the realm of self-care.


Community Spirit Excellence Award

Ellie Keogh

Certificate III in School Based Education Support


Ellie exemplifies dedication and compassion. Excelling academically, she volunteers at Norlane Community Centre, initiating food relief and community programs. Her ongoing commitment extends to fundraising and raising awareness through local businesses. Ellie's empathy has shone brightly during her placement, where she has supported young people experiencing homelessness by providing them with food, warm clothing, and other necessities, alongside access to information about crisis accommodation. Her contributions reflect positively on The Gordon, showcasing her impressive skills and dedication to community service throughout her Diploma of Community Services (Case Management).​


Cookery Apprentice Excellence Award



Ben Herbert

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery


Ben's exceptional talent and dedication have illuminated The Gordon’s Certificate III in Commercial Cookery program. Demonstrating unparalleled creativity and attention to detail, Ben's culinary prowess sets him apart. He is a natural leader and an inspiration amongst his peers and faculty with his teamwork and communication skills. Ben's commitment to excellence promises a bright future in the culinary world.



Culinary and Hospitality Excellence Award



Xanthea Lee

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery


Throughout her Certificate III in Commercial Cookery program, Xanthea has demonstrated unwavering dedication, deep subject understanding and eagerness to learn. Her impeccable teamwork, attention to detail and swift preparation skills have earned her the respect of her peers. Xanthea's commitment to excellence and contributions to the hospitality industry make her a deserving recipient of this prestigious award.



Foundation and Language Education Excellence Award



Cody McKay

Certificate I in Transition Education


Cody has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication and performance in task work and assessments throughout their Certificate I in Transition Education program. Their regular attendance and proactive approach in seizing new opportunities have been commendable. Engaging enthusiastically in vocational tasters and work placements, Cody has expanded their comfort zone and achieved remarkable growth. This participation has not only enhanced Cody's self-confidence but also paved the way for future career prospects. Cody's exceptional standards have truly made them shine in the classroom.



Hair & Beauty Excellence Award



Azizeh Maher

Diploma of Beauty Therapy


Azizeh's commitment, compassion and teamwork set her apart in The Gordon’s Diploma of Beauty Therapy program. Her exceptional service standards are demonstrated by her genuine care for clients, expertise, and holistic approach. Azizeh's collaboration with her peers and respect for all reflect her professionalism. Her demeanour creates a welcoming environment, showcasing her outstanding etiquette. Azizeh truly embodies excellence in beauty therapy, making her a deserving recipient of this award.




Hairdressing Apprentice Excellence Award



Katherine Tsipnis

Certificate III in Hairdressing


Katherine's exceptional dedication and initiative in The Gordon’s Certificate III in Hairdressing program have truly set her apart. Consistently going above and beyond, she creates a positive learning environment and delivers high-quality work and satisfaction to her clients. Her commitment to the industry shines through her volunteer work at events like Sydney and Melbourne Fashion Weeks.



Health & Science Excellence Award



Diana Gomez

Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing)


Diana, an exemplary student, has overcome personal challenges with resilience and determination, achieving remarkable results throughout The Gordon’s Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) course. Her strength and drive led to an offer of employment during her placement, showcasing her suitability for the care industry. Diana's confidence in seeking assistance, along with her collaborative nature, contributed to a supportive learning environment. She excelled in team-based activities, demonstrating caring and responsible traits essential in the care sector.




Licensed Trades Apprentice Excellence Award



Neila Niveen

Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician


Nelia is the epitome of excellence in electro-technology, consistently achieving top marks and actively engaging in classroom discussions, enriching the learning experience for all throughout her Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician course. Despite challenges in a male-dominated field, Nelia's resilience and leadership shine through, inspiring her peers. Her eagerness to learn and exceptional problem-solving skills make her a role model, breaking barriers and proving that success knows no gender.



Lifelong Learning Excellence Award



Lisa McAuliffe

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Lisa's passion for teaching and commitment to learning is evident when observing her 100% attendance rate and dedication to going the extra mile throughout her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course. Her assessment submissions consistently exceeded requirements, showcasing the sheer depth and quality of her work. She extended support and kindness to other students, demonstrating patience and a strong sense of integrity throughout every aspect of the course and learning process. Lisa will undoubtedly inspire future students with her remarkable qualities.




School Based Apprentice / Trainee Excellence Award



Alexandra Watt

Certificate III in Hairdressing


Alexandra's vibrant and positive presence throughout her Certificate III in Hairdressing program enhances the learning atmosphere for all. Despite being in the early stages, Alexandra's commendable motivation and eagerness to learn set her apart. Her enthusiasm and determination serve as inspiration to her peers. Alexandra's outstanding attitude and budding skills make her a deserving recipient of this prestigious award.



VCE/VET DSS in Schools Excellence Award



Matilda Inglis

VETDSS – Certificate II in Animal Care


Matilda has consistently demonstrated eagerness and active participation throughout her VETDSS – Certificate II in Animal Care course, showcasing her impressive knowledge. Her commitment to excellence is evident through her detailed assignments and real-life experiences gained from her job as an Animal Attendant at her local vet clinic. Matilda's exceptional attendance and contributions to class discussions highlight her dedication and courteous demeanour towards her classmates. With all assignments completed and a promising future in the animal care industry, Matilda is truly an outstanding student.