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Meet our benefactors

The Gordon offers a variety of scholarships, made possible by our valued partnerships and the generosity of many benefactors. We currently have 22 benefactors supporting The Gordon Scholarship Program with scholarships ranging in $500 - $5,000.

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Meet our 2022 scholarship benefactors and recipients

Marion & Ernie Speight
The Marion and Ernie Speight Scholarship was established in 2007 by the community and the Gordon Student Support Fund Committee to assist students under the age of 24 with the costs of studying a full or part-time course at The Gordon. They offer 2 scholarships, valued at $1,000 each.
Kevin & Jo Boland
The Kevin and Jo Boland Scholarship was established in 2008 by the Gordon Student Support Fund Committee to assist mature age students aged 24 years and over with the cost of enrolment, study and living costs. They offer 2 scholarships, valued at $1,000 each. Kevin, alongside Barrie Speight, has been pivotal in the continuing of the Student Support Fund here at the Gordon.
Student Support Fund
The SSF originated in 1987 as a consequence of events that occurred following the closure of International Harvester in 1982. Many of the unemployed workers came to The Gordon to re-train and re-skill, and the idea to give back to the Gordon by way of financial support to the students arose.

A committee was formed comprising three representatives from the affiliated union members via the Trades Hall, and representatives from the Gordon. The committee have since been responsible for the maintenance of the fund as well as all sponsorship and fundraising efforts. In 2022, the fund partnered with the Geelong Community Foundation to facilitate the ongoing investment of the fund.

The fund assists students to remain engaged in their studies when faced with financial difficulties.  Students can apply for a payment of up to $200 to pay their fees, purchase course books or materials or to cover basic living expenses such as food or transport costs.
Rotary Club of East Geelong Logo

Rotary Club of East Geelong
Rotary is a global network of over 1 million neighbours, friends, leaders and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves. The Rotary Club of East Geelong established this $1,000 scholarship to assist a full or part time Gordon student who resides in the Geelong or East Geelong area with the cost of study.
Coulson Family Trust
Thirty years ago, an anonymous donation was made to the Gordon on behalf of Oswald “Noel” Coulson. In 2022, these funds we tracked down and with the family’s permission, the Coulson Family Trust Scholarship was created. “Noel” met his future wife, Isabel “May” Coulson met when they attended the Gordon back in the 1920s. Both completed their Architectural studies and Noel went on to have a reputable career as a furniture designer and architect. This scholarship is presented to a student who has demonstrated skill and passion in their studies. The scholarship is valued at $2,000.
Alexander Miller Estate
Alexander Miller commenced his working life at a small drapery business in Geelong. After buying the firm and achieving success, he expanded the business across Geelong and country Victoria. He never forgot his early childhood and the difficulties his parents had in raising him. Later in life, he was responsible for erecting homes for underprivileged aged people. Through his will, Alexander Miller continues to provide. This scholarship provides $200 for a student who displays leadership qualities with proven academic ability or skill in a trade.
David James Russell Memorial
The David James Russell Memorial Scholarship was established in 2018 by David’s family in recognition of their belief that opportunities change people’s lives. David believed that training and education could provide opportunities for a brighter future and that all individuals should have the chance to access education and strive towards their career aspirations. This scholarship was created to assist students who demonstrate clear career goals and would benefit from the motivational and financial assistance that this scholarship provides. This scholarship is valued at $1,000.
Soroptimist International of Geelong
Soroptimist International is a vibrant, dynamic organisation for today's women. Soroptimists are committed to a world where women and girls achieve their individual and collective potential, realise aspirations and have an equal voice in communities worldwide. Soroptimist International is driven by its mission of transforming lives through education, empowerment and by enabling opportunities. This scholarship was established in 2018 to support a student with a refugee background to study English language. Soroptimist offers two scholarships valued at $1,000 each.
Geelong Community Foundation Logo

Geelong Community Foundation
The Geelong Community Foundation enables the people of Geelong to contribute to the long-term benefit of our region by building a community endowment fund that will give forever.  Addressing needs within the community through the provision of community organisation grant programs and scholarships ensure support is getting to where it is needed most and also encourages philanthropy. The Foundation support of The Gordon provides funding of scholarships to assist mature age students, aged 24 years and over, with study and living expenses, enabling them to achieve their goals.

Five scholarships valued at $2,000 will be awarded to successful applicants who demonstrate commitment and motivation to succeed in their studies at The Gordon.
Geelong Galvanizing Logo

Geelong Galvanizing
For over 30 years, Geelong Galvanizing has specialised in delivering high quality surface finishes for steel installations and products in the construction, landscaping and engineering industries. The Geelong Galvanizing Scholarship was established in 2008 to assist Gordon students experiencing financial difficulties with course related expenses. Geelong Galvanizing offers three scholarships valued at $1,000 each to students enrolled full or part-time in a course related to the galvanizing industry.
DOW Chemicals Company Logo

Dow Performance Materials
Since the early 1900’s, the name Rohm and Haas has been synonymous with science-based innovation. Through experimentation, determination and collaboration, the founding small partnership grew to a global Fortune 500 corporation. In 2009, Dow Chemical Company acquired Rohm and Hass. A desire to maintain these founding values, including increasing the pool of talent interested in study and careers in science, led Dow to create their scholarship program.  Dow’s three scholarships valued at $1,000 each assist students who demonstrate a passion for the role of science and innovation in constantly improving society.
Emma & Morris Jacobs Award
Emma and Morris Jacobs came to Geelong as migrants and established a large and successful retail store. Their grandson Emanuel Percy Ackman, established a perpetual charitable trust and stipulated ongoing support to The Gordon through a scholarship named in honour of his grandparents. Since the mid-1960s, the Minnie Ackman Charitable Trust (name after Emanuel Percy’s wife) has provided financial assistance to students overcoming identifiable barriers to achieve progress in their studies. In keeping with the intent of the bequest, teaching staff nominate two students undertaking studies in English language and General Education courses to receive a $500 scholarship each.
Saltair Spa Logo
Saltair Spa

In the heart of Torquay, the Saltair Day Spa family business has forged a reputation as one of Best Destination Day Spas in all of Australia. Now completing their first decade of trading, facilitating Luxury Services for thousands of visitors and guests from all over the world, Saltair has earned Multi-Award honours, and been globally renowned for their excellence in professional services, Luxury brands and Day Spa Experiences. Allowing Saltair to grow from 1 to 7 locations in the last 3 years, now catering to guests throughout not only Torquay, but now Lorne, Werribee, Caroline Springs & Port Melbourne too. Aligning with what Saltair finds most important, a scholarship was created to encourage students who display passion, competence and enthusiasm towards our wonderful industry to follow their dreams of entering a career in beauty and wellness, and offer the community well deserved relaxation and pampering. To facilitate this, Saltair Spa continues the pleasure of offering a $1,000 scholarship again this year to a devoted and hard-working student.
Kinetic IT Logo

Kinetic IT
Kinetic IT is a leading Australian-owned, enterprise class ICT managed service provider, with approximately 1,000 staff and offices in all major Australian cities. Since 1995, Kinetic IT has been delivering quality services to large and complex IT environments across corporate, resources, government and utilities sectors, resulting in managed and sustained growth with exceptional customer satisfaction ratings. The Kinetic IT Scholarship was established at The Gordon in 2014 to support students who would most benefit from financial assistance towards their study costs. The company offers three scholarships with values of $2,000, $3,000 and $5,000.
The Geelong Field Naturalists Club Logo

Geelong Field Naturalist Club
The Geelong Field Naturalists is a club for anyone interested in wildlife, plants or conservation in the Geelong region. The Geelong Field Naturalists Club created this scholarship in 2018 to assist students enrolled full-time in a conservation and land management course at The Gordon. The scholarship is valued at $1,500 and aims to encourage students to pursue a career in conservation and land management in the Geelong region.
The George Alexander Foundation Logo

George Alexander Foundation
The Foundation was established by Mr Alexander AM in 1972 to provide grants for charitable purposes. Reflecting Mr Alexander's special interests, the Foundation has an emphasis on supporting talented young people who have demonstrated academic ability, particularly those from rural and regional communities. The George Alexander Foundation Scholarship was established in 2007 at The Gordon and provides six scholarships valued at $5,000 each, along with the opportunity to participate in their leadership program.
Tyler Dean Memorial
The Tyler Dean Memorial Scholarship was created in honour of Tyler Dean, who sadly passed away on October 18th, 2017. Tyler enjoyed his time in automotive studies at The Gordon, and recognised the value of pursuing a qualification to create a brighter future and situation in life. Tyler’s family believe that all individuals should be given the chance to engage in education and strive towards their career aspirations. The $1,000 scholarship was created to assist a student who demonstrates clear career goals and would benefit from the motivational and financial assistance that this scholarship would provide.
Middys Electrical Logo

Middy’s Electrical
Middy’s Electrical was founded in 1928 by Petrus Cornelis Nicholaas Middendorp and remains 100% Australian owned, independent and family run. Middy’s is considered an innovator in the industry, quickly identifying market and industry trends and adopting new technologies. Middy’s have an excellent staff retention rate with over 30% of staff having 10+ years of service, giving them a depth of experience and expertise to support customers and the electrical industry.
The Middy’s Scholarship of $1,000 will be awarded to a financially disadvantaged student who demonstrates commitment and motivation to succeed in building a career in the electrical or engineering industry.
Ted Dimmick Charitable Trust Logo

Ted Dimmick Charitable Trust
The Ted Dimmick Charitable Trust Scholarship was established in 2014 by Wendy Dimmick and her children in honour of their husband and father who passed away in 2008. Ted Dimmick enjoyed his time studying textiles at The Gordon in the 1950s. His qualification led him to a successful and rewarding career in the manufacturing of fabrics. The Ted Dimmick Charitable Trust provides two scholarships of $2,500 each to Gordon students demonstrating initiative and commitment to succeed in their studies.
Werribee Rotary Club Logo

Werribee Rotary Club
Rotary is a global network of over 1 million neighbours, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves. The Werribee Rotary Club has established this scholarship to assist Werribee-based students succeed. Two scholarships of $1,000 will be awarded to assist these students with the cost of enrolment fees and course related expenses/equipment.

Anthony Costa Foundation
As a testimony to Anthony’s pivotal role in the creation of what we know as “Costa” and his own invaluable contribution to society and the lives of all those who knew him, the families resolved to name this foundation in his honour. The Anthony Costa Foundation seeks to continue his legacy in the same spirit in which he lived. One scholarship of $5,000 is awarded for each year of study taken at the Gordon by a student with a financially disadvantaged background.


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