Technical Terms & Notes

A selection of references to technical terms and descriptions, and explanations
of site features can be found here.
The screen resolution or monitor dimensions are the apparent display size of the
computer monitor screen in pixels (width X height).
The Gordon Institute of TAFE web site interface is designed for screen resolution
of a minimum of 1024 X 768 pixels. This means that the interface when maximised
on the monitor screen will fit perfectly into the specified pixel dimensions.
The Gordon Institute of TAFE has set a minimum screen resolution of 1024 X 768
pixels as it believes this screen size is a reasonable common resolution standard.
To account for users who are still using a monitor resolution of 800 X 600 pixels,
the interface design is set up in a way to allow the bulk of important information
to display in the left 772 pixels of the interface. Users who have a screen
resolution of 800 X 600 pixels will therefore see all the key information contained
in the site except the right-hand column of general interest information.
This site has been designed to best suit the available features of the Microsoft®
Internet Explorer® Browser, version 5.x and above. This site is of course available
to all browser types and versions, but the type and version of the browser used will
greatly influence the display of the site.
In order to avoid unsightly format issues in some browsers, this site has been
designed to remove features that may not be available on some browsers, or
substitute a non-graphical version of the site in the case of browsers that are of an
older version, or text-based, or for visitors who wish to view this site as text-only.
A non-graphical version of this site which does not contain style sheet or some table
structures is provided for Browsers which do not support certain style sheet and formatting
features. This version of the site contains most important information contained within the
graphical version, but may not display certain general interest or marketing type
information that is not crucial, or information that should not need to be accessible to all
users. All content that should be accessed by all users is followed by a PAGE CONTENT
MODIFICATION date, and will generally be situated in the central portion of the interface.
Due the developmental methods used in the construction of this site, there is no page
navigation as such, only URL Variables that are used to construct a single pages visible
to the public from templates and source files. This method is used to speed up development
and maintenance time, and to secure the content source directories.
The main drawback of this method is that the resulting URL location of any one page can
be vastly different from one day to the next, resulting in broken links if a page
location is copied and listed elsewhere.
If any member of the public wishes to link directly to a page on the Gordon Institute
of TAFE web site, they must contact the Institute Webmaster
and an appropriate link will be sent to them if available. Otherwise, any linkages to
this site should be made to the root URL (
The Institute takes no responsibility for information gathered from this site via a
third party - see the Institute website disclaimer document for more information
regarding responsibility and liability.
All dates listed in this site refer to Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), the time
zone in which the City of Greater Geelong is located. All numeric dates are noted in
EUROPEAN FORMAT - ie. DD/MM/YYYY, all other dates may use various formats. All technical
time notations are in 24 hour (military) time, whilst most event times are listed in standard
AEST will also be taken to refer to Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEDT) when
such times are in use (generally a period from the last Sunday in October of a given year,
through to the last Sunday in March of the following year).
A line of text referring to the modification date and time of page content will appear
on every page of this site.
E.g. "Page content last modified: Thursday, March 18, 2004 - 15:20:32 AET".
This date/time stamp refers to the date and time the content was published, or last modified
after publication, and was deemed to be correct and authorised for publication from this
date - see the Institute website disclaimer document for more information regarding accuracy
of published information.
A line referring to the refresh date and time of the site menus and structure will appear
on every page of this site.
E.g. "Site menu and structure refreshed on: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 - 09:17:28 AET"
Due to the structural nature of this site, the site menu and structure is automatically
refreshed periodically to account for content alterations.
A line referring to the refresh date and time of the current site view will appear on every
page of this site.
E.g. "This view generated on: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 - 15:02:29 AET"
As this site is constructed from various templates and content documents, the pages must be
assembled on the Web Server prior to viewing by the Browser. This date/time stamp refers to
the date and time at which the browser was returned a requested page.

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