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Feedback, complaints and compliments

We want to hear from you!

Your experience matters to us  and is used to help us to improve.  We welcome and value all feedback that is provided to us, whether it be a complaint, suggestion or compliment.    
At The Gordon, we are committed to providing a positive experience and high quality and rewarding education, training and support services for our students, employers of our students and the broader community.  
If you would like to provide a suggestion, a compliment or complaint we really want to hear from you. Please complete the feedback form below. (Note if your  feedback concerns our website please use this Site Error Report link instead). 

We know that complaints can also be quite difficult and encourage you to read the process below first. We will always aim to work together with you to take action, resolve your feedback and respond in an equitable and timely manner. 
Make sure you leave your contact details so we can get back to you. Your contact details also may be required so that we can act on your feedback.  We do accept anonymous feedback, however our ability to respond and action may be limited.


How to provide a complaint


In the first instance, you are encouraged to resolve any issues directly as soon as possible with the area or person involved, or their Manager through an informal discussion. You are welcome to have a support person, who is not a legal practitioner in attendance in any meetings during this discussion and mediation process.  

If you are not comfortable speaking directly with the person involved or don’t know who that is, you can complete the feedback form above.

Formal (internal)

If informal feedback cannot satisfactorily resolve the issue or are dissatisfied by the outcome, or if the matter is more complex and serious you can lodge a formal complaint. 
All complaints are managed by the Risk, Safety and Wellness team and will be addressed equitably and in accordance with the Complaints Appeals policy and regulatory obligations.

Appeals (external) 

After you have accessed The Gordon’s complaints and appeals process, if you are still dissatisfied with your outcome, you may have the option for an appeal.
You are entitled under Australian law to seek a review of your complaints with The Gordon to external agencies and regulatory authorities. It should be pointed out that generally most external agencies expect that you will have accessed The Gordon’s internal complaint resolution and appeals processes before accepting a case. This generally means that appeals to external agencies should be a last resort.

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