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Clothing, Uniforms and PPE

Prevention of Injuries and Illnesses

PPE acts as a shield against a myriad of workplace hazards, from physical injuries to exposure to harmful substances. In industrial settings, for instance, hard hats protect against falling objects, while gloves guard against chemical contact. In healthcare, PPE safeguards against the transmission of infectious diseases, preventing both occupational and community spread.

VDSS students need to bring PPE and Uniform to all classes. Students who attend class without their PPE will not be able to participate in practical activities and this will impact the likelihood of completing the course successfully.

It is important that clothing meets any safety standards required for the course. Some courses require safety equipment.

You can access information about the PPE and Uniform you will need to purchase for your course here or view the course page:


While you are attending The Gordon please note the following:

  • If your VDSS program does not have specific uniform or PPE requirements you are expected to attend class in your school uniform
  • Bare feet, thongs or strapless shoes are not permitted.
  • Shorts and singlets are not permitted in engineering, building, construction and cookery trade areas.
  • If you are unsure of clothing requirements for your course, please ask your teacher for clarification.

Promoting a Healthy Work Environment:

Beyond the physical aspect, PPE contributes to the overall well-being of a work environment. When people feel secure and protected, it fosters a positive atmosphere, enhancing morale and productivity.




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