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Free TAFE = Great savings!

Victorian students have an excellent opportunity to reduce the cost of their studies through the Free TAFE initiative. 

If you’re an eligible Victorian student and choose one of your Free TAFE options, you will not incur any tuition fees. Materials, levies and resource fees will still apply.


To access the Victorian Government Subsidised Fees, you must reside in Victoria.
The standard Skills First eligibility criteria apply to Free TAFE.

We’ve removed the once-in-a-lifetime limit for students who do select Free TAFE pathway programs. This allows you to get fee waivers for multiple Free TAFE programs if the programs are in a designated pathway. See the pathway PDF below.


  • You have access to only one Free TAFE non-pathway program
  • You cannot mix courses from different pathways
  • If you started or completed a pathway program under Free TAFE before 1 January 2023 you can receive the additional fee waivers for any subsequent programs in the same pathway. This is subject to The Gordon determining that each program is suitable and appropriate for the student as part of a pre-training review.
  • If you started or completed a program under Free TAFE before 1 January 2023 that isn’t a pathway program you are not entitled to receive an additional fee waiver.
  • If you started or completed a Free TAFE program under Job Trainer before 1 January 2023 you can access an additional Free TAFE fee waiver, either to start a pathway, or to do one additional non-pathway program.

Check the eligibility criteria here.


Apprentices and trainees

Apprentices and school-based apprentices are not eligible for Free TAFE. Trainees completing an approved Free TAFE traineeship are eligible if they meet the Skills First eligibility criteria.

Courses and Applications

View the course list and apply via the usual e-application form on the course page.



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