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Generative AI

What is Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)? 

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is smart technology that is trained to learn, make decisions, solve problems and create. AI can produce new text, images, videos or audio clips, computer applications, code or data as instructed by a user’s prompts or requests.  


Risks and Limitations of Generative AI 

Did you know AI generated content can: 

  • Be inaccurate, creating false, fake or misleading content. 
  • Be inconsistent. 
  • Be out of date. 
  • Reinforce stereotypes or contain bias 
  • Breach copyright. 

Generative AI and the Gordon 

The Gordon permits the use Generative AI in student learning to provide inspiration, practice, guidance, broadening knowledge and deepening understanding. However, in assessments, any use of AI must be treated like any other resource, ensuring appropriate acknowledgement (referencing) including a statement outlining where AI was used and to what extent. It is a breach of Academic Integrity to pass off AI generated content as your own. 


How to use Generative AI at the Gordon 


Do   Don’t   
Experiment with AI tools to improve knowledge and skills.   ❌ Ask AI to write your assessment for you. 
Use AI to find alternative explanations of concepts you need help with.  ❌ Copy and paste from AI generated content. 
Fact-check all AI generated content to minimise risks.  ❌ Quote AI generated content without referencing appropriately. 
Use AI to produce practice exam questions.  ❌ Trust that AI generated is always accurate. 
Use AI to help with structures for written assessments.  ❌ Trust that AI generated content is up to date. 
Use AI to proofread your work.  ❌ Expect that AI generated content will be unbiased. 
Ensure use AI tools as instructed by your teachers. 
❌ Provide any sensitive or personal information to AI tools. 
Use AI tools to help with researching assignment topics.  Substitute human creativity for AI generated content. 
Brainstorm a topic using AI. 
❌ Rely on AI tools. Use AI to help with personal learning, not replace it. 


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