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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can someone help me find the course that’s right for me?
2. What student support services are available?
3. What is government subsidised / government funding? Am I eligible?
4. What is Free TAFE and am I eligible?
5. I need help with my application. Who can help?
6. My employer can pay my fees. What do I need to do?
7. Why do I need to do an LLN or VSL assessment? What happens if my result is not as high as required?
8. What is a GreenID?
9. What is a USI and how do I get one?
10. How do I know if I’ve been accepted?
11. I don’t understand the Statement of Fees, what will I be charged?
12. When and how do I pay fees?
13. How do I find my student ID?
14. What if I have a disability or learning need?
15. How do I provide my concession card details?