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Disability Transition for School Students

“Empowering smooth transitions to TAFE for secondary school students with a disability”

The Gordon are committed to prioritising accessibility, inclusivity and creating an environment where all students can thrive and meet their highest potential.

For secondary school students (including those from specialist schools and alternative education settings) considering transitioning to a TAFE environment we have Disability Transition Support Officers who can provide personalised support.

Providing guidance

To students, schools, and care teams.


Facilitating wrap-around

For students who are transitioning.


Assisting with enrolment

And troubleshooting any difficulties.


Collaborating with

To enhance transition processes.


Guiding students through enrolment

Working within a ‘Team Around the Learner’ framework and alongside our Disability Inclusion Team, our Disability Transition Officers will guide and monitor students throughout their first 90 days of enrolment.

Have questions? Seeking support?

For more information about our ongoing support for enrolled students with a disability please visit our Disability Inclusion Services page.

Creating lasting change

Our officers will partner with secondary schools to develop resources for students with a disability, their families and support networks and share transition best practice across all TAFEs in Victoria.