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Hiring an apprentice or trainee

Employing an apprentice or trainee is a great investment in the future of your business and the life of the person you hire. They will train, study and earn an income while contributing to your business. 

Getting started

When you take on an apprentice/trainee, you will enter into a formal agreement known as a training contract outlining your obligations and responsibilities, such as:

  • ensuring your apprentice or trainee receives the correct training and is enrolled with a registered training organisation,
  • allowing your apprentice/trainee to leave work to attend off-the-job training,
  • providing your apprentice/trainee with appropriate facilities and experienced people to work alongside, and
  • providing a supportive environment in which your apprentice/trainee will work and receive the skills related to their course.

Your obligations

You must be able to provide on-the-job training, supervised by a suitably qualified or experienced person, and you must give apprentices/trainees the chance to learn how to use tools and equipment and gain experience in a wide range of relevant tasks. 

For your rights and obligations, please visit the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority.
An additional benefit of employing an apprentice/trainee is that you may be eligible for financial assistance and incentives.

Training plans

A training plan is a signed agreement, put in place between the apprentice/trainee, you as the employer, and the Registered Training Organisation.

Training plans are negotiated between The Gordon, employer and apprentice/trainee within the first three months of beginning the apprenticeship. 

The training plan outlines:

  • How training and assessment will happen
  • When it will occur
  • Where training and assessment will take place
  • Who will conduct the training and assessment

The Gordon will review the training plan with you and your apprentice/trainee at least four times a year. If you need to change a training plan you can get further instructions here.

Workplace visits

As an employer of an apprentice or trainee, you might hear from the Victorian Apprenticeship Field Services (VAFS), our regulatory field services provider. VAFS makes routine visits to workplaces to see if both parties are meeting their obligations. 

When VAFS contacts you, you can prepare for your visit by having a copy of your training plan ready and make sure it is up-to-date (The Gordon can assist you with this).

If issues arise, VRQA will decide on the best course of action. From time to time, problems and disputes may arise. Helpful information on problems and disputes can be found here.



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