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Hear from our students

Image of David Aviles Lopez“The study resources that The Gordon gives students are really helpful and so are the teachers. My course is so different and it’s great because I get to focus on different things that we don’t have in my home country of El Salvador. When I return to El Salvador I feel like I will bringing lots of new ideas home with me.

What I love about studying in Geelong is that it’s a medium sized city and it’s growing, so now there are more job opportunities. I have two casual jobs at the moment, including a job at the Davidson Restaurant at The Gordon’s Geelong City Campus. The Davidson Restaurant hires international students and I applied and I got the job! It’s really good because I am learning a lot and improving my English.”

David Aviles Lopez
Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering

Image of Jessica Olpindo“Before I came to The Gordon I was a very shy person and in Australia I have boosted my confidence. Australia is welcoming to different people. It’s a good country as it’s very multicultural. The teachers are very welcoming also, they are nice and kind. If you have problems or questions they are there for you. If you need something all you have to do is ask.

The education here is very good and I am enjoying studying the Diploma of Laboratory Technology. When I graduate I want to work in a wine laboratory. Testing the wine and how it ferments is very interesting to me. I like that The Gordon has classes in food and wine testing so that I can learn more about this area – I think I’ve chosen the right place to study.”  

Jessica Olpindo 
Diploma of Laboratory Technology 

Image of Sha Zaini"Nursing has been a dream career of mine. After serving in the Police Force in Singapore, I decided it was time to pursue my dream in Australia.
My first day on-campus was not as intimidating as I thought it would be. The teachers were really friendly and initiated icebreaker games to help the class get to know one another. Everyone felt really comfortable and settled in well, and I made friends with both Australian and international students in my class.

I did my work placement in two different aged care facilities. I enjoyed being able to help the residents and being able to link what I have learnt in the classroom to actual work in the real world.

The Gordon in Geelong provides a positive environment for all students and the course framework is exceptional. Everyone is given a chance to progress at their own pace and support is provided at all times by Gordon staff members. I am loving every second of living and studying in Geelong."

Sha Zaini 
Diploma of Nursing

Recipient of the 2017 International Student of the Year Award

Image of Anjana Subba"With the help of a generous Endeavour Scholarship from the Australian Government, I have been able to improve my IT skills and be exposed to multicultural people in Australia, and in particular, Geelong.

The Gordon has pragmatic approach to teaching and learning, it’s very student-centred and provides a hands-on learning experience. 

On my first day of class I received the warmest welcome from my course coordinator, Phil, and my classmates. After introducing ourselves we were asked to attempt a quiz, I was not sure how to start and my classmate must have seen me struggling and came over to help me. That was my first ever impression of Australians, that they are very helpful people. I’m so glad I came to The Gordon; I feel that I made the right decision to study here."

Anjana Subba 
Advanced Diploma of Information Technology

Endeavour Award Recipient

Image of Bo Li (Allen)“I chose to study at The Gordon as they have an excellent reputation, with a lot of great chefs who have graduated and now own their own restaurants.
All the teachers are professional and experienced and they make the training interesting and memorable. I have not only learned how to cook a great meal, but also learned how to be a team player. After studying with my classmates all year, we have become like a family. We study from each other, help each other, and have a lot of fun. As an international student I was always shy to speak out, but in the cookery industry you have to communicate with others and my English has improved dramatically. I’ve not only learnt English, but also some specialised words in French, Italian, Japanese and others.
I am now working in a local restaurant and continuing my studies at Certificate IV level to gain more knowledge and experience. I hope to own my own small restaurant one day.”

Bo Li (Allen)
Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

Recipient of 2016 The Gordon International Student of the Year Award

Image of Yakubu Daffi“I am happy I made the Gordon Institute of TAFE my study destination; I could not have had it any better. Being a TAFE, I felt the practical approach and real experience would help me further my studies and career path.
The teachers are a great asset. The amount of care and attention they provide exceeds expectations. I go to class every morning knowing that I have their full backing and support. Lessons are broken down into very simple and concise parts, our nursing labs are fully equipped with state of the art tools and our lesson plans are set up to match the current needs of the workforce.
The students are very welcoming and ready to interact. I have made friends who have become family. The multicultural environment made settling in a lot easier. Finding my way around during the first few weeks of admission was no problem because staff are always ready to direct you to your destination.”

Yakubu Daffi
Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled-Division 2 nursing)

Image of Jenny Luong“I’ve wanted to become an accountant since high school, but started studying a different degree before deciding to pursue this dream. I choose to study at The Gordon because I wanted to learn the basics of accounting first, so I knew what to expect when I applied for university.
Not only does The Gordon teach you the theory side of the industry but more importantly, the practical side. I loved how the teachers and students interacted - it was a great learning experience for me.
When I finished, I pursued further work experience by doing free tax returns in the community, which is organised through the Australian Tax Office. I enjoyed it so much that I am doing it again this year.
I am currently working as a casual bookkeeper and am completing my third year of a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting at Deakin University. My goal is to become a Certified Practicing Accountant.”

Jenny Luong
Jenny is an Advanced Diploma of Accounting graduate who is now studying a Bachelor of Commerce at Deakin University.

Image of Marjetka Gojkosek“I chose The Gordon because I wanted to study Diploma of Community Services Work and it is the only place in Geelong that is accredited by ACWA (Australian Community Workers Association). I love being a student at The Gordon! We have very passionate, skilled and experienced teachers who challenge and empower us at the same time – to learn more, to research, and to build up our strengths and skills to become better workers.
I am not working in the field yet, but I am sure I will be well prepared for employment. Being an international student in the class with Australians is definitely a very good experience! I have got the opportunity to improve my English skills, to get insight into Aussie slang and to find out more about the Australian lifestyle, customs and culture. I wouldn’t want it any other way! ”

Marjetka Gojkosek
Diploma of Community Services

Image of Zheng Xiong Mah (Terence)“I am studying ELICOS as I need a good English level to pass the IELTS Examination. My brother-in-law recommended I study at The Gordon, as he had studied here. I enjoy learning to speak English as I’m a sociable and talkative person, and the teachers have excellent experience teaching international students.
After I complete ELICOS, I plan to study an automotive course as I would like to work as a car technician and open a car workshop.”

Zheng Xiong Mah (Terence)
ELICOS – General English Course


Image of Francoise Zaninka“My name is Francoise. I’m 36 years old and am a refugee from Congo in Africa. I speak six languages including English. When I first went to The Gordon I honestly had, in a single word, nothing. I lacked skill, experience and all I was looking and hoping for was simple. I started studying English as another language. Once I completed all English language certificates I went on to study Certificate III in Children’s Services, then my diploma.
The experience of studying at The Gordon was more than I could have ever asked for. The quality of teaching and the care and support I received was what really stood out for me. The Gordon has provided the pathway to many possible careers in the future and ones I never thought were possible. Not only did they help me apply for university, they also assisted me with my resume and I am now working full time at Kardinia childcare and Kindergarten Geelong.”

Francoise Zaninka
Diploma of Early Childhood Education



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