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Graphic Design

Industry professionals teach our popular graphic design courses and equip you with in-depth skills, knowledge and experience to enter the graphic design industry.

Present-day graphic design surrounds us minute by minute, day by day, through visuals for print, television and the web. It is complex and constantly changing in appearance. It sends information to the world while mirroring people's cultural desires and ethical principles. 
If you would love to be a part of this creative, diverse, constantly evolving industry, a career in graphic design could take you all around the world and into almost any field or business. 

Our graphic design courses are linked directly to industry to give you a head start on your creative career. With lots of real work opportunities, you'll develop your design skills and experience for a working career. 

The Gordon is a member of the Design Institute of Australia, which means you may also be eligible for membership as a Gordon student or graduate. 


Information sessions


Free TAFE Apply now JobTrainer

CUA30720 Certificate III in Design Fundamentals (Graphic Design)

Apply now for our Certificate III in Design Fundamentals (Graphic Design) course to introduce yourself to a wide range of industry skills.

Free TAFE Apply now JobTrainer

CUA50720 Diploma of Graphic Design

Apply now for the Diploma of Graphic Design and enjoy developing new designs using hands-on techniques and Adobe programs taught by industry professionals

Student story

Mandy Dollery, Graphic Design student

“The most valuable lessons I learnt at The Gordon, were how to brand myself, find work opportunities and pitch to clients. The experiences along the way helped with what direction I needed to take, and how to achieve that goal.

Ever since graduating I have always shared my experiences at The Gordon and will continue to do so for a long time, because it was so pivotal to my career. So many opportunities have come from being part of this amazing ‘family’ and I am always proud to say I studied at The Gordon.“

Mandy is an award winning student and Alumni of The Gordon. Creating original art, limited edition prints and educational products at her art gallery.

Mandy Dollery, Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design

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