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VET Student Loans (VETSL)

What is a VET Student Loan (VETSL)?
Check your VET Student Loan eligibility
Check if a VET Student Loan is available for your course
Check the loan cap for your course
Apply for a TFN early and have a valid USI
Submit your Expression of Interest for a VET Student Loan
Supply your supporting documents
Complete the Government eCAF prior to your first census date
Manage your VET Student Loan
Other important information relating to VET Student Loans

VET Student Loan (VETSL) is an Australian Government loan scheme for Vocational Education and Training. Students studying approved Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas may be eligible to apply for a VETSL to defer their tuition costs, if not wanting to pay their tuition fees upfront. Eligible courses are subject to VETSL course cap limits which are reviewed annually. Other fees associated with your course, or tuition fees over the VETSL course cap, are to be paid by the student and cannot be deferred to a VETSL.

You will need to satisfy citizenship eligibility, and also meet academic requirements prior to your admission into your chosen diploma /advanced diploma course. See Application FAQ's. For further details about being admitted into your chosen course, please see our Admission and Selection Policy. VET Student Loans will not be approved for students who do not meet eligibility requirements.

You must read the VET Student Loans Information Booklet before applying for a loan. Need help after reading the booklet? Email for assistance.

Visit the Australian Government’s VET Student Loans site for detailed information about financing tertiary study.

The Gordon is a signatory to the VET Student Loans Code of Practice, demonstrating its commitment to the principles and practices of good services to students and effective complaint handling.