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TAFE offers career pathways

Lili Gard, Diploma of Nursing student at The GordonWith no ATAR required to pathway from TAFE to university, students can be confident they can pursue their dream career with The Gordon. 

Whether you don’t get the ATAR you need for university or you simply want some hands-on industry experience that allows you to work while completing your degree, TAFE offers the ideal path to a successful career. 

Lili Gard was looking to undertake a nursing degree but received the news that she wasn’t accepted. Down but not out, Lili chose another path. 

“To be honest, TAFE wasn’t my plan. I had applied for nursing at uni after Year 12, and after not getting in, I was quite deflated. Turning to The Gordon was possibly the best thing that happened. It was a lot more hands-on. As a visual learner, this was perfect for me and meant I could really focus in a small classroom environment.”

With The Gordon’s broad industry relationships, Lili was able to find suitable work placements, ensuring she was job-ready upon completing her Diploma of Nursing.

“The Gordon really does set you up for the best possible career outcome, ensuring all your skills are up to scratch before every placement. There wasn’t one time I was actually a student in a hospital and didn’t feel prepared.”

Lili is currently an Enrolled Nurse at St John of God, working in the surgical centre while completing a Bachelor of Nursing at university.

“The Gordon really shaped my career as I felt I wouldn’t have been able to go straight to uni, writing essays and not having that hands-on experience. After two years at Deakin, I have my dream job as a nurse and continue to further my knowledge at uni. I am so glad my pathway turned out like this, as I feel that working whilst studying is the best way to advance my education.

“I couldn’t be more grateful to The Gordon for allowing me to do my six-week placement block at SJOG, which is a hospital I fell in love with and deep down always knew I wanted to work at. And now, having an EN job there, it’s the best outcome it could have been.”

Reflecting on her time at The Gordon, Lili shared what she enjoyed most.

“The thing I enjoyed most about The Gordon is the fact the teachers actually care about you and want you to succeed. I really felt like I wasn’t just a ‘number’ and they would take time out of their day to check up or help you become that one step better at everything.”

Lili is currently focused on completing her studies and hoping she can complete her graduation year in Melbourne at a trauma centre such as the Alfred, as she has an interest in critical care and thrives in high pressure situations. 

“To succeed in this industry you really need to be compassionate and respectful. Those are key! You also need to have fantastic communication skills and confidence, the ability to adapt to any work environment and know when to ask for help – no one knows everything!”

As an outcome of her Diploma, Lili received credit points towards her Bachelor of Nursing studies, shortening her training considerable. The Gordon offers pathways to university for a broad range of courses, and students may receive credits towards a degree.

“The Gordon really does set you up for a pathway, career and the skills you not only need for a job but for life. Studying at uni isn’t for everyone, and if you don’t know exactly what you want to do, The Gordon is the perfect place to start.”