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Going for Gold in France! Trey McAuley

Image of Trey, going for gold in France - Worldskills.Trey McAuley is currently studying for a Certificate III in Carpentry at The Gordon. He is no stranger to awards and accolades. Recently, Trey competed in the regional and national WorldSkills competitions, earning a bronze medal. Following his success at the national level, Trey has been training with the Australian Skillaroos team and has now been nominated to represent the country at the International WorldSkills competition in France.

Leaving school in year 11, Trey sought a hands-on career away from the traditional classroom and onto construction sites. "I left in year 11 during the Covid-19 pandemic as I realised it wasn't for me. I preferred something more hands-on, so I transitioned straight into a trade," Trey said.

Being a student at The Gordon has given Trey a solid skill foundation that he has effectively applied in the workplace. Furthermore, his connections within the classroom and with his teachers have been invaluable. During his time at The Gordon, he was offered the opportunity to participate in WorldSkills—a competition that allows young people worldwide to showcase their skills on an international platform.

"The Gordon played a pivotal role in my journey to WorldSkills. The late Gary Barnes encouraged my participation, and I haven't looked back since," Trey remarked. "Being part of the Skillaroos team has allowed me to meet incredible people, expand my network, and forge new friendships," Trey continued.

Trey is now nearing the end of his apprenticeship, with only two units remaining. His focus is now firmly set on his future and clinching the gold in Lyon. Nesbitt Constructions, his current employer, has provided him with an excellent start in the construction industry and remains a staunch supporter of his WorldSkills aspirations.

Trey has received tremendous support from his teachers at The Gordon. "We are immensely proud of Trey's accomplishments in reaching the national team. It's remarkable to see one of our students competing at this level," said Simon McClean, Trey's carpentry teacher at The Gordon.

"Trey's motivation and initiative are exceptional for someone his age. He consistently goes above and beyond as an apprentice, and we have no doubt he will shine in Lyon, France. Equipped with advanced carpentry techniques, his technical skills will be put to the test. Trey is dedicating extra time after work for time trials and training under pressure to simulate the competition environment," Simon continued.

"Having these skills is a testament to Trey's unwavering commitment to learning and his passion for the carpentry trade. His can-do attitude and willingness to continually seek knowledge will undoubtedly make him an outstanding builder," Simon concluded.

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