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TAFE makes skilled defence line in cyber security

The Gordon students Shehreen Haider and Blake Rhyan

In a digital world, where data breaches and cyber threats loom large, the importance of cyber security education cannot be overlooked. Shehreen Haider and Blake Rhyan are two students from The Gordon, whose journeys demonstrate the transformative power of cyber security education in shaping skilled defenders of our digital communities.

Shehreen, driven by a fascination for the intricate puzzle of cybersecurity, decided to build on her journey working in the information technology industry, inspired by the profound impact of data breaches on our community.

“When I read about a data breach in a well-known company, it made me realise the devastating impact such incidents can have on businesses and individuals. I believe by working in cyber security, I can contribute to protecting individuals’ privacy and companies’ valuable information, which I find to be meaningful and rewarding,” she said.

On the other hand, Blake's path to cybersecurity was a pivot from a career in commercial helicopter piloting, fuelled by a love for technology and problem-solving. After completing his Certificate III in ICT last year, Blake is now wrapping up his Certificate IV in Cyber Security, leveraging the opportunity afforded by ‘Free TAFE’ to kickstart his education.

“I have always been intrigued by technology and the inner workings of the devices we use every day. Cyber security is a combination of two of my passions, puzzles and technology. It is a growing industry I can build a long-term career in.”

Both Shehreen and Blake represent the diverse pathways and motivations driving individuals towards cyber security education. Their experiences underscore the pivotal role played by institutions like The Gordon in equipping students with critical technical skills to navigate the complex landscape of cyber security and the power to safeguard online communities.

"Cyber security education is imperative, not just for personal career advancement, but it’s also crucial for community safety. Having cyber security skills significantly improves job opportunities and contributes to a secure digital environment”, said The Gordon’s Technology Program Lead, Steve Gale.

Also studying a Certificate IV in Cyber Security, Shehreen aspires to become a cyber security consultant, specialising in helping organisations develop robust security strategies and incident response plans.

“The Gordon’s comprehensive curriculum is helping me with a deep understanding of various aspects of cyber security, from network security to ethical hacking. The knowledge, skills and hands-on learning I am gaining makes me confident to find a job in this industry”, she shared.

Blake’s future goal is to become a software developer, using his acquired knowledge in cyber security to create computer programs that protect systems and networks.

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