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Finding a pathway to a fulfilling career through The Gordon

Bec Grant completed several short courses at The Gordon before finding her path to university

“When I left high school, I felt like the only one who didn’t know where to go next. VCE was very competitive and the subjects I selected had very little connection to my interests. As a result, I struggled through my last year of high school and was left feeling as if I wasn’t capable of study.”

This is a familiar story for many who feel pressured from a young age to map out their career, but simply don’t know which path to take. For Bec, undertaking a series of short courses at The Gordon allowed her to find her calling.

“The Gordon offered pathways to explore potential careers without having to commit to long-term study until I was sure of my preferred path. The first course I chose was very practical and hands-on. This helped me to discover my creativity and desire to pursue further studies in a creative field.”

Bec transitioned through a number of courses at The Gordon in the areas of make-up, screen and media, multi-disciplinary design and interior design before realising her true path.

“The Gordon introduced me to vocational education and industry specialists. This gave me a clearer vision of my future.”

Recently Bec was accepted to study a Bachelor of Design (Architecture) at university and has embarked on this exciting career path. However, she is maintaining an open mind about her future.

“I’ve come to realise that I don’t have to focus on one career outcome. I can use my skills in many different ways to pursue multiple opportunities throughout the rest of my working life.”

For those of you who are looking for a vocational pathway to university, Bec advises against allowing your previous study experiences to determine your future opportunities. 

“Allow yourself to discover your passion and where your skills lie throughout your journey at TAFE. Be open to new opportunities that may arise, and don’t be scared to try new-found interests.”