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Crafting a rewarding career


The ICM Geelong Awards has celebrated Geelong’s most talented cabinet makers.

Together with The Gordon, Independent Cabinet Makers Geelong has judged a field of high calibre entries to recognise the region’s best cabinetmaking apprentices and businesses. In its third year, the awards offer a platform for local cabinet making businesses and apprentices to be recognised for their craft.

Judge Marija Maccora, Teacher of Building Design and Interior Design at The Gordon stated, “It was great to see such outstanding workmanship, design and attention to detail in the entries at this year’s Awards.”

Up and coming talent Harry Smith of SCLK was awarded Apprentice of the Year, stating, “I enjoy the challenges and variation I get from cabinet making. From design to installation, there are so many different skill sets and organisational skills I have needed to learn throughout my apprenticeship.”

Having completed his apprenticeship earlier this year at The Gordon, Harry agreed “It doesn’t get much better when you deliver a space in someone’s house that is functional, high quality and looks great.”

Proud father and owner of SCLK, Scott Smith, stated, “Harry truly has a passion for cabinet making, together with the processes and accountability that goes with it. He has truly impressed us with his understanding and commitment to push the boundaries around production and design.”  

As a member of the Independent Cabinet Makers Geelong, the business owner stated, “We want the cabinet making industry to be strong and healthy for the next 20 years and beyond. ICM Geelong has a strong belief that ‘our kids, our jobs, our future’ is the strength and core behind our cabinet making industry.”

Active in the professional development of the industry, ICM Geelong leads an industry which presents many opportunities in different areas, from designing to selling, administration to construction, and installation and management.

Former Gordon apprentice Andrew Tozer of T&M Cabinetry received honours for the ICM award for Best Kitchen.