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Fashioning a career in hairdressing

The Hair Project entry 2022Local fashion professionals have teamed with hairdressing students at The Gordon to create a Vogue-style editorial portfolio. 

Australian fashion designer Ena Pelly inspired Certificate III in Hairdressing students, providing edgy staples from her contemporary collection for the photoshoot.

“The opportunity to work with a leading designer in a professional environment has exposed students to the experience and energy of a live media event”, said Susan James, Business Manager of Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Floristry, Visual Arts, Celebrancy and Teaching at The Gordon.

“On set, it was a high-paced vibe of action, creativity and fun. Students from hairdressing and beauty collaborated to develop a bold, feministic aesthetic. With the photoshoot challenging students to grow their ideas and showcase the best of their talent, they were also introduced to new career paths”, continued Ms Rossack. 

Peter Foster, photographer and filmmaker, captured the students’ “editorial shoot for a local designer for elegant everyday wear and simple statement pieces”.

Hairdressing student Tansie Bourdamis enjoyed the creative planning and styling. 

“Hairdressing allows me to be my most creative and passionate self. I love making people feel beautiful and fresh. This experience gave me an insight into the real world, showing me I can do anything as a hairdresser”, said the second-year apprentice.

Fellow hairdressing student Amy Lizmore learnt many behind-the-scenes tips and tricks.

“There are lots of things happening in the background of the photo that you don’t see in the final shot. I enjoyed the whole process, from planning the hair, colour theme, lighting, make-up and accessories.”

The Hair Project is an annual event for hairdressing students at The Gordon. To see the complete portfolio of student works, visit Vote for your favourite and be in the running to win a grand prize. 

The Hair Project entry 2022The Hair Project entry 2022The Hair Project entry 2022The Hair Project entry 2022