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Hospitality Bootcamp to fast track skilled workforce

Hospitality bootcamp students with Andrew PercyAs our region prepares for the summer tourism boom, The Gordon is launching an engaging Hospitality Bootcamp to help local employers recruit an influx of new workers to the industry.

The two-day course, aimed at senior secondary students and those looking to start work in the hospitality industry, is led by seasoned industry trainers.

Participants will gain essential food service skills, including customer service, taking orders and working the EFTPOS machine. For those interested in learning their way around a coffee machine, preparing coffee orders and completing their RSA, the Bootcamp will also equip participants with these skillsets. 

“This course makes you more employable. These are the skills our local cafes, restaurants and hotels are seeking. We want to make sure we can get everyone trained to standard and excited about working in hospitality”, said Amanda Costanzo, hospitality teacher at The Gordon.

The Gordon’s world-class culinary school has some of the best training facilities in Victoria. The dedicated barista training space with the latest coffee machines and The Davidson restaurant, is ideal for Bootcampers to practice their service skills across food and beverage and coffee-making. From mastering how to carry three plates to setting a table, interacting with customers and learning latte art, participants will be put through their paces.

“Now more than ever, the industry is looking for staff with great communication skills. This short, sharp program is designed to deliver”, said Ms Costanzo.

“Good manners and a pleasant smile have not gone out of fashion. These are transferable skills. Whether you are working in hospitality, retail or tourism, these skills will ensure you stand out in a job interview and work well within a team environment”, continued Ms Costanzo. 
The Bootcamp is coming just in time for the region’s hospitality and tourism venues as tourists look to flock to the Greater Geelong and Surf Coast areas in the coming months. 

Amy Cafarella, the owner of Winters Café, stated, “This is a great idea. By teaching students the basics, they can hit the ground running. It will make it much easier for new employees to transition into the workplace if they understand front-of-house skills”, continued Ms Cafarella.

The Gordon’s Hospitality Bootcamp will allow participants to access local hospitality employers to put their best foot forward for this season’s job prospects. Assisting in understanding of the skills and qualities employers seek, participants will have the opportunity to put their best foot forward and potentially land a job.

To learn more and apply for the Hospitality Bootcamp commencing this November, visit