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It's never too late to start your nursing career

Elly Brown_BINS nursing studentHeading back to study after a long hiatus can be a daunting thought. Still with passion and persistence, a professional nursing career is being realised by a growing number of career changers at The Gordon.

For Elly Brown, The Gordon was the perfect place to start her nursing journey.

“When I first looked at studying nursing, I was working in hospitality. My friends and family have always said I’d make a great nurse, so I took their advice and applied for my Diploma of Nursing. As nursing was a part of Free TAFE, and there was a huge call out for people looking to enter the industry, it was the perfect time for me to start,” said Elly.

“I was unsuccessful in gaining a place, but The Gordon offered me a spot in their Bridging into Nursing course, which I jumped at,” Elly continued.

“I was so glad I entered nursing this way, as it had been over ten years since I last studied. The bridging course brought me up to speed on a lot of the science, such as anatomy, human body systems and most importantly, the medical terminology used throughout healthcare. It also gave me the skills to properly reference my work and how to correctly complete assessment tasks,” shared Elly.

“I have just completed my work placement in aged care, I was a little nervous, but I really did feel so prepared and confident,” Elly said.

The Gordon’s specially designed 6-month Bridging into Nursing course builds confidence and prepares participants to study for a diploma. The work placement opportunities also provide graduates with the hands-on skills and experience to commence employment in the industry while continuing their tertiary studies at university. 

Dianne Giddings, Diploma of Nursing teacher at The Gordon, is a strong advocate for the BINS program. 

“Students who have come through BINs are more committed and more prepared. It also helps our students determine if nursing is the right career for them,” said Dianne.

“Many students like Elly are keen to continue their nursing education and go on to study their Bachelor of Nursing to become registered nurses. The great aspect of completing your enrolled nursing course first is that you have the opportunity to work and study at the same time,” continued Dianne. 

Students who complete a Diploma of Nursing at The Gordon can pathway to university and commence their Bachelor of Nursing as second-year students. 

“As a nurse at Barwon Health, it is so lovely to come to work and work alongside Gordon graduates. It makes me very proud to see them on the wards,” said Dianne.

Demand for trained professionals across the healthcare sector continues to grow, and many are finding the career opportunities very rewarding. You can learn more about nursing, bridging into nursing and a wide variety of other healthcare-related courses at