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School-Based Education Support: Shaping Young Minds and New Careers

Last year, The Gordon introduced the Certificate III in School-Based Education Support, a course fielding a gap in the market for education support workers. It has proven to be a resounding success, opening doors for students, reshaping their professional trajectories and with excellent employment outcomes. Among the many success stories, two standout individuals, Jessica Janakievski and Monique Cotone, have already started working in the industry, both before officially finishing the course.

Jessica Janakievski, a former accountant who took a career break to raise her children, found her calling in education support through volunteering at her children's schools. Her journey at The Gordon has been marked by a seamless transition back into the workforce. Reflecting on her experience, Jessica shares, "I enjoyed the in-person classes and the class discussions we had about both the course content and placement." She praises the teachers at The Gordon for creating an environment conducive to open dialogue, allowing students to share diverse life experiences that enriched their learning. Monique Cotone agreed with this sentiment, highlighted the importance of connection in education and emphasising the value of sharing stories with classmates who are eager to learn alongside her during her time at The Gordon.

Monique Cotone, already experienced in Youth and Disability work in kindergartens, sought a new challenge in working with older students. The Gordon's program offered her the opportunity to use her ongoing connections by allowing her to choose the school for her placement. Monique expresses her gratitude, stating, "The Gordon helped shape my career by providing me with an amazing opportunity to start and complete my placement at the school of my choosing – providing support throughout the process." Monique's dedication to fostering connections is reflected in her most rewarding aspect of the job, stating, "Being a safe adult for people who may not have that in their life is incredibly rewarding."

Both Jessica and Monique have successfully transitioned from students to employed professionals, a testament to the practical and comprehensive nature of The Gordon's Certificate III in School-Based Education Support.

The success of these graduates solidifies The Gordon's reputation as a career catalyst in the region. For those seeking a meaningful career in education visit or register for one of their upcoming information sessions.