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Beginning a Mature Age Apprenticeship

Image representing a mature age apprentice

No matter your age, an apprenticeship or traineeship is always an option


What to consider?

For many people, there comes a time where their current job or profession is no longer
fulfilling, and they begin to long for a change that is going to make them feel more satisfied.
Beginning a trade later in life is more popular than you think - it can be a great option for
those who enjoy working outdoors, doing something different every day and are seeking a
healthier working lifestyle.

The Gordon has collaborated with to help you decide whether a mature age
apprenticeship is for you.

Here are some factors you should consider before you take the plunge.

Worries about going back to study

It can take some time to become comfortable studying again. For most mature age

apprentices, it has been some time since they were back in the classroom, studying and
learning something new.

However, it is important to remember that this is not something that is skewed just to mature
age apprentices - every mature age student that chooses to go back to study can feel a bit
intimidated when entering the classroom again after a break. You will get there! Once the
jitters wear off, you will begin to feel comfortable and settle into the course.

Money can also be an important factor when returning to study. With home loans, children
and the rest, it is crucial that you hash out your situation and the steps necessary in order to
make it work. Before proceeding, weigh up the pros and cons of your situation and take it
from there.

The benefits of being a tradesperson

Tradie culture is a massive plus when working in a trade industry. Alongside working hard,
tradesmen and tradeswomen are known to have a great time while getting their work done.
Many make lifelong friends during their studies and beyond into the workforce.

Other benefits are:
- Job security. Trade skills are always in high demand, with a practical skillset being
one that is highly sought after by a wide range of employers and positions.
- The ability to work anywhere in the world. Trade and practical skills can be
applied universally, so the potential to travel the world, live in another country and
earn a living is a definite possibility is this is something that you were even interested
in pursuing.
- Flexibility. As a trade professional, you can avoid the dreary nine-to-five work weeks
stuck inside an office cubicle. Many tradespeople do have early starts but are often
let off early in the afternoons, leaving time for recreational activities and a better state
of mind.

It is super rewarding

As a mature age apprentice, it is very satisfying to successfully progress through your
studies, learn the tricks of the trade from the masters and become fully qualified in your
trade. Knowing that you took the plunge into the unknown is alone something to be proud of,
so successfully completing your qualification is even more fulfilling.

When you are fully qualified and out there in the workforce, it is very satisfying to work on a
variety of jobs, getting them exactly how your customer envisioned it to turn out. Taking pride
in the work you have created and making the customer happy is something that every
tradesperson enjoys.

With these factors considered, you are now equipped with everything you need to
know before undertaking a mature age apprenticeship. Good luck!

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Written by Olivia Blazevic