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Great career opportunities for those in childcare

Chantelle Norton_Kardinia EL_2023As the demand for childcare in Australia accelerates, so does the need for qualified childcare educators. The Gordon TAFE is responding to local industry needs, leading the way in training professionals for our region's childcare centres.

The Gordon offers Certificate III and Diploma courses in Early Childhood Education and Care. The programs focus on providing practical experience while connecting participants to work experience and employment opportunities.

"The minimum requirement for childcare educators is a Certificate III in Early Childhood education and care. This entry-level qualification ensures graduates are knowledgeable in the principles of child health and safety, first aid and CPR, child protection, nutrition, and child development. During their course, students are taught the National Quality Framework, designed to ensure that children receive high-quality care and education in a safe and nurturing environment," said Colleen Moreland, Early Childhood Vocational Manager at The Gordon.

With an experienced and dedicated teaching team, students are supported. With small face-to-face classes, every student has a connection to the teaching team. As a result, graduates are confident and job-ready upon course completion.

Many qualified and experienced educators in the industry are looking to progress to a senior role. To advance, they need a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Flexible study options at The Gordon will see the diploma course commence shortly as an evening class.

"The Gordon understands how hard it is to juggle work, study and have a social life. So, we are running our diploma course two evenings a week, including one Saturday workshop to complete the practical assessments. We think this a great model for gaining your diploma and connecting with other like-minded learners," continued Colleen.

The Gordon's diploma course can also be undertaken as a traineeship. Educators are encouraged to speak with their employers about this option.

Chantelle Norton, Director of Kardinia Early Learning said, "We encourage all of our Certificate III educators to undertake further study in completing a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. It is a great career path for them. Most importantly, continued learning better supports the children and families at our centre."
"We are always looking for qualified and experienced early childhood educators. We see ourselves as providing a supportive environment for emerging leaders who possess the ability to create and implement engaging and developmentally appropriate learning experiences for children and who have a passion for innovative practice. Leaders are responsible for overseeing the daily classroom operations, managing and mentoring other educators, and ensuring that the children in their care are safe and well-cared for,"
continued Chantelle.
In 2022, the Human Services Workforce Forum reported that around 1.5 million children attended childcare in Australia, from a few hours a week to more than 50 hours. With close to 200,000 people currently working in childcare, the report projected 13,275 new child carers will enter the sector within the next five years.

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