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Building Design at TAFE leads to a rewarding career

Building Design at TAFE leads to a rewarding career.

Embarking on a journey in Building Design (Architectural) at TAFE can pave the way for a gratifying career, especially for those with a natural flair and passion for design. The Gordon's Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural) program stands as a gateway to success, offering hands-on experience and practical training that prepares students for immediate entry into the field as building designers. From mastering drafting and design principles to delving into site analysis and project management, The Gordon ensures a comprehensive understanding of the profession, setting the stage for success.

Justine Fitch, a current building design student and co-owner of New Beginnings Building Co., a residential construction company in Ocean Grove, embodies the program's effectiveness. "I initially started a degree in architecture to offer our clients an additional level of service but found that it wasn't the right fit for me or our business," Justine reflects. Within six months, she discovered a love for the program's industry-focused structure, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for the real-world challenges they'll encounter.

At The Gordon, building design teachers aren't just educators. They're industry professionals actively working in the field. Experienced teacher Marija Maccora emphasises preparing students and equipping them with the knowledge and network needed for success. "Our goal is to make students industry-ready so that once they enter the office, they understand how it works," said Marija. We encourage our students to push the boundaries of good design, sustainability and innovation,"  she continued.

The course attracts a diverse group, from industry professionals seeking advancement to fresh high school graduates. Regardless of background, the learning experience begins from scratch, empowering students to take control of their designs from inception to documentation.

One key advantage of choosing TAFE for building design is the strong industry connection. The Gordon has close ties with local businesses, architectural firms, and construction companies to expose students to real-world scenarios and industry standards. Marija highlights the immersive learning environment, simulating an office setting and involving students in industry events, guest speakers and trade shows. "Every year, we visit renowned Architect Robin Boyd's iconic house in South Yarra. They sketch while there and the Foundation speak about Boyd's achievements and influences on Australian architecture". Marija says.

Upon graduation, building design alumni often find employment in architectural firms, construction companies, and real estate developments. They may even venture into starting their own design consultancies. To commence the Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural), prospective students can explore more at, with applications open for a January 29 start.