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An international stage for Graphic Design student

The Gordon's graphic design students play international board game, The Human Rights game.The Gordon’s network of industry connections is far reaching and continually creates incredible opportunities as a recent graphic design student saw when his work was elevated to the international stage.

Following the signing of a MoU with The Brainary in 2018, came the proposal to design a new international board game, The Human Rights Game.

Geelong creator and founder of The Brainary, Hugh Kingsley, engaged The Gordon to help design artwork to brand the game. This design process included several prototypes of the box, playing board, playing cards and instruction manual.

“As part of the process of The Gordon TAFE becoming the first TAFE in Australia to embrace the NAO robot for teaching coding, The Brainary and The Gordon TAFE signed an Industry Collaboration MoU. It was with the wonderful support of past CEO Lisa Line and current CEO Joe Ormeno that we were allowed to extend the collaboration to include working with José Rodriguez and the Design Centre of Excellence. With José’s wonderful guidance and support, we were able to engage his students to help develop the prototype of The Human Rights Game, which is now available from the United Nations in New York”, shared Hugh. 

Initially tested in Geelong and US based schools, the game was presented to the UN ahead of its recent release. José Rodriguez, graphic design instructor, and Jake Hunwick, an Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design student, were collectively responsible for the creation of the final artwork of the game and its components. José is particularly pleased to see The Gordon’s design students meeting professional level expectations and is delighted to continue working together with The Brainary.

"The principle of students working with real clients and genuine briefs is top on our design programs. We highly value the relationship with Hugh Kingsley and The Brainary. From the development of graphics and playing prototypes, to the final artwork, this project has provided a rich experience to our participating students", said José​.

The Human rights Game, while fun and highly engaging, aims to teach players about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, its thirty articles and its three underpinning pillars of freedom, equality and dignity, effectively encouraging players to consider how they can make better choices in everyday situations.

Mr Kingsley stated, “Our experience working with The Gordon TAFE as an industry partner, whilst at times challenging, has been exemplary. And challenging it should be so we keep learning.” 

The Gordon has a long history of forming meaningful partnerships with industry, continuously creating unique opportunities for students to develop real skills and gain real experience.