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Gabbi shines with floristry apprenticeship

Image of Gabbi, Certificate III in Floristry studentIf you’ve ever stopped by Jacinta’s Flower Studio in East Geelong, chances are you’ve met the wonderful and very talented Gabbi, who recently completed a floristry apprenticeship at The Gordon. 

“I’ve always been a practical person, so I like to do things visually and more hands-on. And that’s the benefit of The Gordon, doing a certificate or apprenticeship, its way more practical than university.”

Chatting with Gabbi at Jacinta’s Flower Studio we asked her what she loved most about studying at The Gordon.

“I was at school one day a week and it was nice to go in and make something different each time. We did a whole heap of things, always learning something new. The best part was I got to make new friends. We worked together as a team, we were all supportive of each other and the teachers were great!”

Having completed a floristry apprenticeship Gabbi shared her advice for others considering a trade.

“The Gordon gave me the opportunity to get a certificate under my belt. I am grateful for that as for me, it is the most important thing to have. So if you’re thinking of taking up an apprenticeship, I say go for it! Go with what your gut is feeling and make the most of it!”