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Gordon to deliver skilled workforce for defence giant

The Gordon and Hanwha Defense Australia sign MoU 2021Hanwha Defense Australia has announced it will build an Armoured Vehicle Centre of Excellence in the Geelong region after landing a $1 billion defence contract with the Australian Government, under the Land 8116 Phase 1 Project.

The contract to deliver Self-Propelled Howitzers and Armoured Ammunition Resupply Vehicles for the Australian Army is expected to create a minimum of 300 jobs – spread across facility construction, acquisition and maintenance – and generate ongoing support opportunities for Australian industry until the late 2040s.

The strategic partnership follows the signing of a MoU between The Gordon and Hanwha Defense Australia to deliver a skilled and sustainable advanced manufacturing workforce for Hanwha’s new Centre of Excellence. 

Gordon CEO Joe Ormeno stated, “The Gordon’s strengths lie in education and training that is innovative at heart and focused on building skills, careers and industry in an evolving economy.”

The Australian Government recognises that with Hanwha Defense Australia’s major operations based at Avalon Airport, the strategic defence industry hub will allow for future export opportunities for Australian businesses.

“There is no better time for government, industry and education to work together to seize opportunities and help Australian’s to transition into new or changing career roles”, commented Mr Ormeno.

“As we partner with Hanwha Defense Australia to recruit and train their advanced defence manufacturing workforce, it is imperative that we collaborate to develop and deliver clear value that increases capabilities across our region while empowering industry to thrive”
, continued Mr Ormeno.

The Gordon’s Executive Director of Commercial Business Jana Perera stated, “This collaboration will provide a strong foundation to co-design and co-deliver education and training programs for the defence sector as we further strengthen our partnership and create many employment opportunities for the region.”