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Leading women at The Gordon

At The Gordon, there are many woman championing to #BreakTheBias, both in the workplace and in the broader community. Today, we meet two of our leading ladies forging a path for women’s equality.

International Women's Day at The Gordon 2022 with Mary-Louise EdwardsMary-Louise Edwards
Library and Learning Hub Manager
The Gordon’s Staff Excellence in Leadership 2021 Winner

“It is a great privilege to celebrate International Women’s Day. This year’s theme sends a strong message to all of us about the unconscious bias that still exists around attitudes and behaviours towards women in leadership, the workplace, social and public space, gender stereotypes and much more. 

“My personal takeaway is the reflection that it affords the broader, complex and lived experience of intersectionality. The concept of intersectionality can be experienced and understood through a humanitarian lens. Breaking the bias is something we are all responsible for as it speaks to giving voice to justice and improvements that benefit the lives of all genders and all people. 

“Celebrating the great achievements of women throughout her-story, against the odds, is what drew me to feminism in my first year of university. Today, however, visible positive change that demonstrates social justice and equity, not simply equality, for all, by all, motivates me to do my best and remain open and committed to creating a better world.”

International Women's Day at The Gordon 2022 with Nevena PinjuhNevena Pinjuh
Business Manager – Centre for Science and Technology
The Gordon’s Staff Excellence in Leadership 2021 Winner

“As a mum of three boys aged between 21 and 27 years, I have raised them to view women as equal and celebrate and accept difference in our world. This guidance has taught them to be open minded and respectful of others and their abilities, no matter the scenario.

“Whether it be in the workplace, community or sport, seeing women in leadership roles inspires me and I really encourage women of all ages and backgrounds to be confident in their gender and be given the same opportunities as others. 

“Today, as I reflect on International Women’s Day, #BreaktheBias for me means breaking stereotypes and eradicating discrimination.”

Let’s not simply imagine a world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. Let’s collective act to create and sustain a world that is diverse, equitable and inclusive, where difference is valued and celebrated. To learn more about how you can celebrate the achievements of women and raise awareness against bias, visit International Women's Day and together, take action for equality.