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A blooming career

Every year, the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (MIFGS) draws horticulture enthusiasts, florists, and garden aficionados from around the globe to marvel at the splendour of nature's creations. Among many attendees, students like Bridie Conway from The Gordon stand out as budding talents ready to bloom in the world of floristry.
Recently trading in cake making for flower arranging, Bridie saw floristry as fresh start within her industry.
“I was successfully running my own little cake business, but needed a change. Studying floristry fulfils my desire for creativity and I still get the privilege of bringing beauty to people’s special events and occasions, but now in the form of flowers instead of cake!”
One month after commencing her course, Bridie went on to win gold at the MIFGS and expresses the profound impact The Gordon had on her success, providing her with, not only technical skills, but industry opportunities.
“The course really cemented the core basic skills I was missing that are required in the industry, giving me opportunities to learn and practice those fundamentals. It also opened my eyes to parts of floristry I wasn’t aware of, even different flower varieties that I hadn’t come across!
Attending the MIFGS is just one of the many extra-curricular opportunities The Gordon’s students receive as part of their floristry education.
The exposure to such prestigious events not only inspires creativity but allows students to network with industry professionals, opening doors to potential career opportunities and overall success, further evidenced by this year’s student team that won the Silver Gilt Show Garden Award.
Through workshops, competitions and events, students like Bridie gain valuable insights and experiences that prepare them for fruitful careers in floristry.
“When I competed in MIFGC, it allowed me to really push myself and experiment in ways that I otherwise would not have, even managing to take home first place in the student competition. There was a huge amount of support from teachers in the lead up to the competition and on the day, and really gave me a glimpse into a whole side of floristry I didn’t even realise existed!” Bridie said.
Natalie Raffaele, an experienced florist and teacher at The Gordon, nurtured Bridie's passion for flowers, providing her with the knowledge and techniques needed to flourish in the industry.
“Bridie started her course in February and went on to win the MIFGS competition in March, receiving first place including a gold medal. I think the sky is the limit for Bridie, she can do whatever she wants to do.”
Graciously receiving The Gordon’s Art and Design Excellence Award after her graduation this year, Bridie is strongly committed to her trade and has bright dreams for her future in flower arranging on a global scale.
“I would absolutely love to be working as a florist in Amsterdam. I’d actually love to work and play with flowers all over the world!”
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