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Empowering your future workforce

The Gordon Geelong City CampusWith a shared vision to unlock potential through innovative, flexible and quality education that delivers successful outcomes, The Gordon’s deep, synergistic partnerships with industry continues to empower current and future workforces.

The critical importance of a strong education system is amplified by the significant challenges confronting today’s society. With The Gordon ideally positioned as a core social, economic and cultural partner to government, industry and community, the Institute is leading the response to these key challenges for the Greater Geelong region.

Gordon CEO Joe Ormeno stated, “Our revitalisation strategy brings a vision grounded in building a stronger, more capable and highly skilled workforce. Its bold aspiration sees education that is innovative at heart, focused on emerging challenges and building skills, careers and community prosperity.”

Recent economic transformations have compelled many industries to pivot. To varying degrees there has been a realignment of priorities, means of working and delivering results, and creating new products and services while temporarily or permanently shelving others. This has seen many job roles change significantly.

Our regional employment outlook to 2024 also reflects a structural shift towards service industries, with Health Care and Social Assistance projected to make the largest contribution to employment growth in this period. Together with Construction, Education and Training, and Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, these industries are predicted to generate over 80 per cent of the region’s employment growth in the next five years.

The Gordon’s tailored training solutions are delivered to meet the customised needs of the workforce, incorporating micro credentials, short courses, certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas. 

Executive Director of Commercial Business Jana Perera said, “Our suite of skill sets is constantly growing to meet industry demand and raise workforce capability while promoting advancement. With over 200 accredited courses, we deliver courses online, on campus, at your organisation, and blended with a combination of intensive face to face and online delivery.

“Our industry workforce development training and leadership programs have been co-developed and co-designed with industry. These are delivered at your pace with the necessary support and resources to upskill and reskill all levels of the workforce to effectively enable the success of individuals, teams and organisations, both regionally and nationally.”

Ms Perera continued stating that the realisation of the Institute’s plan will see education meeting the needs of future work, where students evolve as the world evolves around them.
“The time is right for us to challenge ourselves to be more agile, responsive and innovative. Working jointly with key industry stakeholders and peak bodies to deliver targeted education and training initiatives, we continue to respond to the changing nature of work”, shared Mr Ormeno.

Deliver a progressive workforce that will thrive today and into the future. Contact Aiden Gillard, Business Development Officer at The Gordon, for further details.