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Painting and Carpentry apprentices

The Master Builders Victorian Apprentice of the Year Awards is an esteemed event that recognises the outstanding achievements of apprentices in the building and construction industry. This year, The Gordon is proud to announce that several of its apprentices have been nominated for the top awards, set to be announced early next year.

Among the nominees are second-year painting apprentices Kyle Morrissy and Ryan Keen, who have impressed their teacher, Paul Webb, with their dedication and work ethic. Paul had no hesitation in nominating them for the Apprentice of the Year Award, highlighting their exceptional talent and the value they bring to the painting industry.

Ryan Keen, who works at SS Painting in Geelong, expressed his humility and excitement upon receiving the nomination. He loves what he does and feels honored to be recognised for his work. Meanwhile, Kyle Morrissy, who was previously awarded the best second-year Apprentice of the Year by the Master Painters' Association of Victoria and Tasmania, is no stranger to accolades. He attributes his success to the support he receives from his workplace at Tevelein Painters in Colac and the knowledge imparted by his Gordon teachers. Kyle is grateful for the opportunities that have helped him build the career he is passionate about.

These talented painting apprentices are just a few of the many Gordon students nominated in the 2023 MBV Apprentice of the Year Awards Series. In addition to painting, carpentry students from The Gordon have also been recognised in their respective award category. The carpentry nominees include Thomas Courtney, Deacon Vermaak, Jameson Richmond, Zekiel Copland, Dan Noble, Elijah Viegas, Edan Dowling, Jayden Bell, Darcy Ryan, Finnen Hoare, Jaksyn Muna, and Konnar Adam. This wide range of nominations highlights The Gordon's commitment to fostering excellence across various building trades.

As we eagerly await the announcement of the award winners in early 2024. Stay tuned!