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Wurreker Award for Innovative Koorie Learner Pathways

Wurreker Awards 2023 winners

The Gordon, proud winner of this year’s Wurreker Award for Innovative Koorie Learner Pathways Award

The Gordon’s Kitjarra team (Aboriginal Education Support Unit ) took out this year’s Wurreker Award for Innovative Koorie Learner Pathways - TAFE provider category as part of the annual  Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc (VAEAI's) awards.

Jasmine Kildea, Kitjarra Centre Coordinator and her team should be very proud of their achievements and the work they have undertaken with The Gordon students and local community.

At the heart of Kitjarra's mission is a commitment to community engagement. The team establishes strong connections with Community Elders, Leaders, and networks, creating a supportive space grounded in cultural understanding.

In the realm of education, fostering an environment that values cultural diversity is not just a goal but a responsibility. The Kitjarra team at The Gordon takes this responsibility seriously, weaving a narrative of support and empowerment for Aboriginal students that transcends conventional educational paradigms.

In the editorial tapestry of education, the Kitjarra team weaves a narrative of cultural empowerment. Their endeavors transcend the traditional boundaries of academia, creating a blueprint for educational institutions worldwide to embrace and uplift the diverse voices within their student body. Kitjarra stands as a testament to the transformative power of cultural inclusivity in education.

Wurreker Awards 2023 winners

Partnerships form the cornerstone of Kitjarra's approach, extending to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business enterprises like the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre. These collaborations provide more than academic support; they offer invaluable cultural experiences, safe spaces, and a respectful engagement with Country.

Financial support is a critical pillar of Kitjarra's success, facilitated by Wurreker funding and individual Wurreker brokers. This support not only sustains existing initiatives but allows for broader outreach into the community and regional organizations.

Embedded within a crucial network that includes the Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (LAECG) and the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc (VAEAI), Kitjarra stands as a beacon of cultural leadership, aligned with the Marrung Education Strategy.

The establishment of a Kitjarra drop-in space at the Geelong East Campus represents a tangible manifestation of the team's commitment, providing a culturally safe haven for Aboriginal students to connect and unwind between classes.