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Roughly Twelve Exhibit Works

The opportunity to create a portfolio of works and exhibit in a gallery space is an exciting prospect for growing artists. None more so than The Gordon’s Visual Arts students who’s Roughly Twelve exhibition is an impressive representation of their developing artistic direction and talent.

“The Gordon's Visual Art students have created a stunning gallery of works produced from a collection of drawings, prints, 2D design, sculpture and paintings. The works reflect their journey in the last year, researching and developing creative works in their own unique style” said Deirdre Keenaghan, Visual Arts teacher at The Gordon

For many of the students showcasing their work, it is their first group exhibition and emergence into the local art community. Danielle Murphy is one such student.

“I love painting forests and my first assignment in painting was a nature theme. I could only use black and white with the addition of one colour. I had never done this before and was pushed to the edge of my comfort zone” shared Ms Murphy.

“It’s a bit daunting to show my work for the first time, that’s why it’s a dark forest, a scary place to be” continued Ms Murphy.

Expanding her abilities, knowledge and understanding of the elements and principles of art and design, Ms Murphy has learned to seek inspiration, generate ideas and refine those ideas to produce varied and interesting work in her personal style.

“I am most excited to see my work in a gallery setting. To see how it looks alongside some very talented artists work. Will it be good? Will it be bad? Just more opportunity for growth and overcoming fears” said Ms Murphy.

As part of the student’s learnings, they record and analyse all that is involved in staging an exhibition, including curation, design and marketing. 

“Real industry experience is very important to gain knowledge and to become confident about displaying and talking about their art” explained Mrs Keenaghan.

For Certificate IV in Visual Arts student Eva LaSpada, the experience of studying at The Gordon has helped her to explore different mediums and build her artistic practice.

“As an artist, my inspiration is the intrinsic beauty and interconnectedness of nature, womanhood and everyday life. Prior to studying at The Gordon, I focused on drawing. Currently, I am loving painting using acrylics and creating expressionist landscapes with a strong colour palette of yellow, pink and green” said Miss LaSpada.

“To have my art on the walls is an opportunity to show my inner thoughts and artistic intention. I’m excited to see people’s responses and how they engage with the work” said Miss LaSpada.

Working collaboratively to bring an exhibition together has given students a better understanding of the planning process and the many considerations that have to be made to bring together a body of work for the public.

The Roughly Twelve exhibition is at The Gordon Gallery, 2 Fenwick Street, Geelong. Opening night is Friday 7 October from 3pm. To attend the opening, RSVP The exhibition is also open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1pm - 4pm the following week.
Visual arts exhibition at The Gordon