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Blossoming Talents Find Home at The Gordon's Floristry Program

As Bacchus Marsh-based Emily Robertson found, a face-to-face, hands-on, accredited floristry course can be hard to find.

"I was looking for a floristry course to help me bring my passion for cookery and flowers together." Said Emily, a qualified chef and budding creative. "I found the course I was looking for in Geelong at The Gordon. It was the closest to me, and having nearly completed my 12-month course, I can happily say it was well worth the hour drive each day!"

Chef by trade and passionate botanist, Emily is now incorporating her beautiful home-grown flowers into her wedding cake designs

"I wanted to learn more about sustainability and environmental techniques and heard great things about The Gordon's Certificate III in Floristry," she says.
All of Emily's flowers are grown with no chemicals. She makes her own banana water for them.

The Gordon's accessible location is a boon for regional communities, extending invaluable educational opportunities to local students like Emily. Natalie Raffaele, an impassioned floristry instructor, extols the 12-month program for its ability to nurture creativity, equip students with industry-relevant skills, and expose them to various creative avenues.

"It is wonderful to see committed students like Emily make the effort to come to Geelong each day. She has a love for flowers and wants to learn more about sustainability and environmental techniques. I was delighted to hear more about her growing her own flowers and that all of Emily's flowers are grown with no chemicals", said Natalie.

Emily's effusive praise for her mentor and the exceptional facilities echoes the sentiment: "I have learned a lot. My teacher Nat is the best, she is a great teacher and has so much passion and knowledge to share with us. The facilities are amazing and the location is great."

The Floristry team at The Gordon remains steadfast in their commitment to delivering top-notch education. They offer students the opportunity to participate in major floral events, such as the esteemed Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, providing invaluable exposure to the dynamic world of Floristry.

Speaking from her heart, Natalie encapsulated her joy in teaching floristry: "Floristry combines the beauty and challenges of working with natural botanical materials, employing techniques, colours, and designs. Witnessing students achieve their goals, both grand and small, and experiencing the positive energy that flowers bring to the classroom is what I find most rewarding."

With a myriad of courses set to commence in 2024, ranging from visual arts and graphic design to building design and an array of beauty courses, including commercial cookery, The Gordon provides a fertile ground for individuals to channel their creative passions, offering promising avenues for both employment and further study.

For those poised to embark on a creative career and seeking to translate their passion into meaningful education, explore The Gordon today or register for one of the many informative sessions scheduled for December 2023.