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Specialist training for Health Services students

HSA students train at Mercy HospitalThe Gordon's Health Services Assistance (HSA) course is one of the best ways to start a career in a hospital environment, providing a real-life patient experience that prepares students to transition directly into the workforce.

Gordon HSA students complete a six-month program that includes regular work placements in hospitals in Geelong and Werribee. Moving at Mercy, who delivers the training program to over 5,000 Mercy staff annually, has recently put thirteen Gordon students through specialist training at the hospital - just one of many immersion days the students experience throughout their course. Recent training found students learning and refining the technical skills of moving patients.

"Every hospital does things differently, and every patient has different needs. It's great to arm Gordon students with the options available to move patients safely," said Cara Kerr, Learning and Development advisor at Mercy Health. 

The movement of patients is a critical component of running a hospital. Ensuring patients are where they need to be is intrinsic to the smooth flow of a busy hospital, and patients need to feel comfortable and secure when transported around the hospital.

Gordon student Agnese Kutleshi is looking forward to completing her training, "I chose the Health Services Assistance course at The Gordon as I have always been interested in the health industry, and I love working in hospitals. My long-term goal is to become a nurse, and starting in patient services is a perfect foot in the door. I aim to be working at the Mercy
Hospital after my course."

HSA students train at Mercy Hospital
“While at Werribee’s Mercy Hospital, students also had the opportunity to use the slide sheet, boards and hoist safely. The hands-on learning allowed students to ask many questions and implement their training. Most importantly, students were able to build their confidence," said Joanne Jones, Business Manager of Health and Community Services at The Gordon.

"This experience will prepare students for their placement, completed at the end of their training. We have fantastic trainers, and pairing their skills with our local hospitals is a win-win for the students and the hospital. This really is vocational training at its best," continued Joanne.

Cindy was part of the Mercy Health training and had only great things to say about her course. "I enjoy coming to class at The Gordon. I am always early as I can't wait to see what I will learn. It is so much fun, and my fellow students are great to hang out with, and the support we get from the teachers is amazing. The teachers are so enthusiastic and want us to succeed. This course really does give you real experience."

If you are interested in this great entry-level program, The Gordon has a course starting in July in Werribee and Geelong. Learn more about studying Health Services at The Gordon.